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Key Skills Required by Computing Employers: 
Technical and Business


What skills are you seeking from the graduates you recruit into IT?

Note that technical aptitude comes before technical knowledge - for example, it's more important to be able to learn a new language quickly than to know a particular language. Also that communication skills come top of the list.
Business awareness is also very important: before interviews research how IT is benefiting the organisation, or could be of benefit in terms of cost savings, efficiency, improving market share etc. via e-commerce, the internet etc. Doing this will almost certainly make a very positive impression.


Below are the factors that were considered by a computing employer in their annual staff appraisal

  • Technical knowledge. Quick Learner
  • Planning. Establishing priorities and scheduling time. Well organised.
  • ProductivityProfessionalism has been defined as "completing projects on time".
  • Quality of work. "On schedule, under budget, works first time!"
  • Self Development. Teaching yourself new skills
  • Communication (oral and written)Presentation skills, Clear, concise and up-to-date documentation.
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving and Judgement. Coming up with effective solutions
  • Innovation and Change. Receptivity to new ideas. "Flexible designs that can withstand last minute changes"
  • Administration. Documentation: "Much of software development involves writing things down and looking them up again"
  • Reliability and Punctuality. Can be counted on to work extra hours when necessary



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