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Job Profile
Actuaries apply mathematical and statistical techniques to business problems.  They work out the degree of risk on life assurance policies, pensions and investments. Traditional the areas where an Actuary would operate is consultancy, investment, insurance  and pensions, but they are now moving into other areas of the financial sector such as banking  & risk management as employers highly value their analytical skills    Actuarial work can be very highly paid, but the professional examinations are very demanding
To become an Actuary you will need to pass your professional exams as well as build your practical  experience over a number of years to fully qualify but once you have achieved  this, it can lead to a varied career path globally.
Skills needed:

  • Problem solving
  • Thinking logically
  • High level quantitative and numerical skills
  • The ability to be able to communicate with clarity is very important as you will need to  give expert advice to both specialists and non-specialists.
  • Sound commercial awareness. 
  • Specific knowledge such as statistical methods, applied mathematics and actuarial technical skills such as Prophet.


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