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What can I do with my degree in Politics and International Relations?

Skills gained


Depending upon the balance of particular topics studied, a graduate in Politics and International Relations typically will have the ability to:

  • understand the nature and significance of politics as a human activity
  • apply concepts, theories and methods to analysing political ideas, institutions and practices
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different political systems, the nature and distribution of power in them; the social, economic, historical and cultural contexts within which they operate, and the relationships between them
  • evaluate different interpretations of political issues and events
  • demonstrate an understanding of the origins and evolution of international politics
  • gather, organise and deploy evidence, data and information from secondary and primary sources
  • identify, investigate, analyse, formulate and advocate solutions to problems
  • construct reasoned argument, synthesize information and exercise critical judgement
  • manage their own learning self-critically
  • communicate effectively and fluently in speech and writing
  • use communication and information technology to retrieve and present information, including statistical or numerical information
  • work independently, demonstrating initiative, self-organization and time-management
  • collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

(Based on the Higher Education Academy Employability Profiles)

Studying Politics and International Relations therefore develops a wide range of transferable skills, which are important in many career fields. Understanding and analysis of issues and events are of key importance to historians and can be applied in many other fields of work. Other skill areas that can be developed through studying Politics and International Relations include:

This is not an exhaustive list of skills - you will develop many skills from your course, extra-curricular activities and work experience. You can find out more about the skills employers look for and how you can develop them here.


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