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What can I do with my degree in History and Philosophy of Art?

History and Philosophy of Art careers

The jobs listed below are a selection of those which may interest History and Philosophy of Arts students and graduates and offer the opportunity to use your degree directly.

Art Gallery Manager

Art galleries vary in style, size and purpose, and because of this, the role of a gallery manager can differ. The role can change depending on whether you work in a public or private gallery.

Job profile of an Art Gallery Manager on the Prospects website

Exhibition Designer

Exhibition designers typically work on cultural exhibitions which include museums and galleries, or on commercial exhibitions which include showcase events, trade shows and conferences.

Job profile of an Exhibition Designer on the Prospects website

Museum/Gallery Curator

With the key goals of informing, educating and inspiring the public, a museum or gallery curator acquires, cares for, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artefacts or works of art.

Job profile of a Museum/Gallery Curator on the Prospects website
Job profile of a Curator on the TARGET Jobs website
Job profile of an Art Gallery Curator on the National Careers Service website
icould: Katie M - Associate Curator

I want to work in The Heritage Sector

University Lecturer

As well as teaching through lectures and seminars, academic staff in higher education also carry out research and a wide range of administrative and pastoral tasks. Although a teaching qualification is not required, you will need a higher degree, normally a PhD. Competition is strong for entry-level academic posts.

Job profile of a higher education lecturer from the Prospects website
Job profile of a higher education lecturer from the TARGET Jobs website

I want to work in A University

Please note that some of these careers may require further study.

For further information on these careers, see also:

People in some History and Philosophy of Art roles may be self-employed

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