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What can I do with my degree in War and Conflict?

War and Conflict careers

These pages have been written for students of War & Conflict; International Conflict Analysis and degrees in related areas. They may also be of interest to students of Military History (formerly War Studies) and War, Media and Society.

The jobs listed below are a selection of those which may interest War and Conflict students and graduates and offer the opportunity to use your degree directly.

Armed Forces Officer

Directs and operates technically advanced fighting systems on land, at sea and in the air and commands people in the front line of battle. Responsibilities cover the training, fitness, operational effectiveness and welfare of everyone in the unit. The officer's primary responsibility is to command, lead and inspire service personnel, often in unpredictable and dangerous situations.

Job profile of an Armed Forces Officer from the Prospects website
Job Profile of an Armed Forces Officer from the TARGET Jobs website
I Want to Work In: The Armed Forces

Civil Service Fast Stream Administrator

The Fast Stream is a development programme designed to prepare graduates for careers at the highest levels of the Civil Service and Diplomatic Service.

Job profile of an Civil Service Fast Streamer from the Prospects website
Job profile of a Civil Service administrator from the TARGET Jobs website
Job profile of a diplomat from the TARGET Jobs website
Civil Service Fast Stream website

European Union Administrator/Policy Officer

Work in the EU institutions, including the European Commission and European Parliament, to draft policy analysis, implement projects and programmes of work across Europe, co-ordinate work across departments and with external stakeholders, support decision-makers and manage human and financial resources.
Job profile of an EU administrator from the TARGET Jobs website
European Personnel Selection Office website

Human Rights Officer

Works for inter-governmental or non-governmental organisations ranging from the United Nations and Amnesty to small charities and campaigning bodies. The work may involve monitoring and reporting on human rights issues with a view to bringing them to the attention of decision makers, the media and the wider public in order to end human rights violations and provide justice to their victims. Human rights work is wide-ranging: for further information see “I Want to Work In Human Rights”

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence officers work to protect UK national security and to detect and prevent serious organised crime  through the acquisition, evaluation, analysis and assessment of secret intelligence.

Job profile of an intelligence analyst from the Prospects website
I Want to Work in Intelligence

International Development Worker

International development workers work with developing countries to set up solutions to problems that are long term and sustainable.  This is a diverse field that can involve work in a variety of areas including education, sanitisation, agriculture and health.

Job profile of an International Aid Development Worker on the Prospects website
Job profile of an Aid Worker on the Target Jobs website

University Lecturer

As well as teaching through lectures and seminars, academic staff in higher education also carry out research and a wide range of administrative and pastoral tasks. Although a teaching qualification is not required, you will need a higher degree, normally a PhD. Competition is strong for entry-level academic posts.

Job profile of a higher education lecturer from the Prospects website
Job profile of a higher education lecturer from the TARGET Jobs website
I Want to Work in: A University

Please note that some of these careers may require further study.

For further information on these careers, see also:

People in some War and Conflict roles may be self-employed

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