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What can I do with my degree in Classics and Archaeology?

Further study

Postgraduate study may enable you to explore aspects of classical and archaeological studies in greater depth or to study a new subject.
A postgraduate qualification, either academic or vocational, is required to enter many fields of work related to classical and archaeological studies, such as archive work, museum work, specialist areas of archaeology, or teaching. If you are interested in other careers, some of these, such as law, will require study for a relevant professional qualification while in some others, such as journalism, a postgraduate degree is not a requirement, but may be an advantage. However, many careers will not require further academic qualifications. The Types of Jobs section of the Prospects website will tell you whether postgraduate study is essential, useful or not needed for a specific career.

There is no equivalent of UCAS for postgraduate study, so investigate courses early, using the resources listed below.
If you are already a student on a taught Master’s degree, you may wish to continue your studies by research, in the UK (at Kent or elsewhere) or overseas. Again, early planning is important. You should seek advice from your supervisor as to the possible options.
There are many reasons for choosing to continue into postgraduate study. You may wish to obtain a higher degree purely for interest rather than for career reasons. Whatever your motivation, you need to consider issues such as your suitability for further study, the options available to you and the costs involved. 

More information on these issues, and on postgraduate study generally



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