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Navigating the graduate recruitment cycle BOOK
Location: KLT5 Time: Thursday 31 January 13:15-13:45 
This session will cover the timeline for graduate recruitment and the assessment methods used by recruiters. It will also cover factors you should consider when applying for roles.

We'll get you noticed! Simple steps to help you find a job while you study - A session for EU and International Students BOOK
Location: KLT5 Time: Tuesday 5 February 13:00-14:00 
Presented by Kent Union JobShop, this session will explain why working part-time during your studies is a great way to develop your skills and confidence and add experiences to your CV. Get some advice about how to find work part-time in the UK, find out what UK employers are looking for and how to make yourself stand out amongst the competition.

Working in the UK for International Students BOOK
Location: SIBLT2 Time: Wednesday 6 February 17:00-18:00 
This talk is for students at the University of Kent who are on a Tier 4 study visa. It provides up-to-date information about relevant types of work permit, help in finding sponsors and tips for job hunting.

Work experience and placements in the UK and how to protect your Tier 4 status - a session for EU and International Students BOOK
Location: KLT6 Time: Wednesday 27 February 14:00-15:00 
What is work experience in the UK? Getting work experience is very important in the UK job market - this session will cover what is considered to be work experience, why it is important and ideas on where to look for opportunities on and off the campus. It will also brief section on what you need to consider if you are a Tier 4 student and want a year in industry or to be part of a vacation scheme.

Talking Cultures: In the Work Place BOOK
Location: KS13 Time: Wednesday 27 February 10:00-12:00
Talking Cultures: In the Workplace addresses the notion of intercultural communication and aims to further enhance students' cultural awareness of working in a contemporary internationalised workplace. The interactive workshop will help to increase the awareness of cultural differences, explore cultural heritage, prejudices and stereotypes, identify communication barriers and strategies to overcome these. Differences in politeness, respect and power are further elements that will be of focus.

Tier 2 jobs simplified by Student Circus BOOK
Location: KLT6 Time: Wednesday 27 February 15:00-16:00 
Understanding visa routes and tackling job search is a extremely tricky process. We want to make it easier for you by breaking these down into simpler steps. Student Circus is a smart job search platform where you can apply for exclusively handpicked Tier-2 jobs.

Kent's Global Hangouts
Location: Gulbenkian Café Canterbury Deep End, Student Hub Medway Time: Canterbury – Wednesday 20 February 17.00-19.00 Medway – Wednesday 27 February 13.00-14.30 
Global Hangouts is a series of free global networking events arranged throughout the academic year. With a fun and relaxed atmosphere, the hangouts’ include interactive activities, refreshments, live music and performances. Tickets are free and open to ALL students. Check for online bookings here:

Mastering UK CVs: a session for EU and International students BOOK
Location: KLT6 Time: Wednesday 6 March 13.00 
This session will help you to learn how to build a UK CV from scratch - it will look at structure, use of language and how best to highlight your skills. It will give you advice on what information to include as well as what not to!

Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) and what you need to know BOOK
Location: KLT6 Time: Wednesday 6 March 14.00-15.00 
Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES): The session is aimed at Tier 4 PhD students wanting to work in the UK after their studies. The DES allows students who are nearing completion of a PhD to apply for a visa for a 12 month period to look for work. Presented by Kent Union and the Student Immigration Compliance Team, this talk will give you advice and information on this opportunity to work in the UK.

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