This area of work relies heavily on networking to get into. Projects may be more ad-hoc and given to people already working in the organisation who have expressed an interest.

The work may involve some of the following types of skills:

Likely employers include:

Professional societies and Research Councils

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kent, Julia Goodfellow, went from scientific research to Head of the Biology and Biotechnology Research Council before coming to Kent.

Government Departments


The European Space Agency - www.esa.int

Scientific recruitment agencies such as SRG Labstaff. See www.kent.ac.uk/careers/sitephar.htm#ScientificRecAgencies for a list of these.


The MSc in Science, Communication and Society at Kent is one starting point for a career in science administration. Graduands from this course have gone on to such roles as communications & public engagement coordinator at The Royal College of Pathologists, regional health manager at a medical hygiene company, scientific recruitment consultancy, pharmaceutical headhunting and onsite resource manager at Pfizer.

University of Kent science graduates and postgraduates have gone on to work in administrative roles as:

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