I Want to Work In … an Outdoor or Active Career



Many graduates say they don't want to be stuck in an office typing on a computer all day, but the fact is that the majority of graduate jobs are office-based. Having said this, many involve the chance to get out and about a lot: even a chartered accountant will spend much of their time visiting clients auditing or giving advice.

Of course, if you can't get into one of these careers the alternative is to work in an office and spend all you spare time outdoors. I've known several graduates who have very happily run their local cricket team/or volunteered on nature reserves every weekend. See our voluntary work page www.kent.ac.uk/careers/workin/voluntaryWork.htm

Having said this many graduates really do yearn for a career here they will spend much of their time in outdoor, active and practical roles, so here are some suggestions.

Outdoor careers

These are ones where you are likely to be spending a fair amount of your time in the sunshine (and snow and rain and wind and hail!).

Active Careers

Jobs where you stand up and moving around a lot, rather than being attached to a desk with a ball and chain.

Practical Careers

These are ones where you need to be skilled at using your hands. Matthew Crawford in his book The Case for Working with Your Hands thinks people aren't happy at work because jobs have become too specialised: you can't see what difference you are making, for example selling things to people that they don't really need. He opened a motorcycle repair shop and found he was happier, also surprisingly more intellectually stimulated. A tradesman has lots of variety, and you have to be practical, but also work out solutions to complex problems: you have to to improvise and adapt. In jobs such as gardening, you have a clear purpose.


Last fully updated 2012