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Any job in the hospitality sector will involve a wide range of responsibilities and, even on a graduate training programme, you must be flexible and willing to muck in and do whatever tasks need doing. A relevant degree or postgraduate qualification is not always required but experience in some aspect of hospitality, however junior, is usually expected.

Hotel Management

PROFILE: Hotel Manager

INVOLVES: Co-ordination & management of hotel, including: staff, accommodation, catering, ancillary services.
EMPLOYERS: Independent hotels. Chains & groups of hotels
RELATED JOBS: retail manager, restaurant manager, conference manager
SATISFACTIONS: Fast & busy work environment, working as part of a team, providing a service.
NEGATIVES: Long hours. Stress during the busy season. Working over holiday times. Evening work & weekend work.
SKILLS: decision making, organising, leading, cooperating, practical skills.
ADVANCEMENT: assistant manager to hotel manager.
DEGREE: Any degree - Hotel or Catering Management in particular
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: Essential if first degree not relevant, or if work experience is not substantial
VACANCY SOURCES: The Institute of Hospitality www.instituteofhospitality.org
TIPS: Obtain a relevant qualification (HCIMA recognised). Above all, get work experience.


Hotel Graduate Schemes

Fast Food

Pub Management

You'll need some experience of having worked in a pub first of course, but most jobs advertised have flexible requirements. There is also an Innkeeping qualifying certificate from the British Institute of Innkeeping (see below)and a GNVQ in Pub Management.

There is an Occupational Profile on Prospects at www.prospects.ac.uk/links/PubManage

First Time In Hotel

An elderly man checks into a hotel for the first time in his life, and goes up to his room.

After a few minutes he calls the reception and says, “This room doesn’t has any exit door?”

The receptionist says, “Sir, that doesn’t makes sense. Have you looked for the door?”

The man says, ” There are three doors here. One is for the toilet and the second one goes into the closet”

“So what’s the third one for” the receptionist asks him.

“I haven’t tried the third one, because it has a ‘do not disturb’ sign on it.”  replies the man.

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Restaurant Management

There is an Occupational Profile on Prospects at www.prospects.ac.uk/links/RestManage


ExpressVending.co.uk UK supplier of vending solutions. Run an award winning graduate scheme and take on ambitious graduates www.expressvending.co.uk/company-information/careers.php
There is a brochure at: www.expressvending.co.uk/images/pdf/Graduate-Brochure-2011.pdf 

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