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Computer games companies require fluent Java and C++ programmers, 3D and digital graphic designers, sound and credits screen designers, technical writers, translators and customer support staff. 90% of those recruited are graduates. computing interview


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Games Tester

Working as a games tester can be a good starting point. No qualifications are needed you just need to be an avid games player and willing to play games all day, testing a game for 3 months or longer and sometimes working long hours (which is the case for a lot of jobs in this industry).  You need to have ideas on how you would improve an existing game or do it differently. Contact the Quality Assurance Managers at the larger publishing companies asking about games/QA testing posts. Involves:


Technical/programmersi am a nerd

Artificial Intelligence Jobs:

Getting a job in the industry

Put your gamer score on your CV, not what your grades in school are. Also, don't write cover letters that are 18 pages long. Give me bullet points.
Gary Maeslan, Rockstar Games


Many companies use recruitment agencies. See www.kent.ac.uk/careers/multimedia.htm for a list of computer games recruitment agencies.

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