I Want to Work in .... Biotechnology


Involves making a micro-organism capable of producing desirable biochemicals not available via chemical synthesis.

Uses of Biotechnology

Traditionally brewing and dairy products, olives.

More recently


Skills required:

Multi disciplinary

Major employers

There are about 450 biotech companies in the UK employing about 21,000 employees. UK Companies account for 35% of products (drug development) in Europe & have 41% of new drug development in late stage clinical trials


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing sector with many universities doing research into the area and then setting up their own businesses. An ageing workforce suggests that their may be skills shortages over the next 10 years.

The recession has meant that some projects have been postponed. There has been a farming out of research at Pfizer and SKB to the smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as they can do this more cheaply than in-house. Some of the smaller pharmaceutical companies and scientific services organisations are growing due to larger companies outsourcing to them and also new drug discoveries.

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University of Kent MRes. and MSc Biotechnology Graduate Destinations

Senior Associate Scientist (3 graduates) Pfizer Cancer Research UK PhD
Scientist Lilly UCL PhD Cell Biology
Development Scientist DNA Res.Inovation Ltd UCL Research Assistant
London Metropolitan Univ. Lab Technician UCL PhD
University of Kent PhD Biochemistry (7 grads) UCL PhD Molecular Medicine
University of Kent PhD Biosciences (2) Nottingham Univ. PhD Microbiology
University of Kent PhD Microbiology University of Nottingham PhD Immunology
University of Kent MPhil. Microbiology Manchester Univ. PhD Cellular Biology
University of Sheffield PhD Haemophilia Bristol PhD (2)
Guy's Hospital Research Technician/PhD Biotechnology Reading University PhD Biochemistry
Queen Mary & Westfield PhD Biomedical Research Imperial College PhD Molecular Biology
Queen Mary & Westfield PhD Biology Travelling abroad  

Last fully updated February 2015