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The University of Kent Careers Web Site comprises about one thousand pages. It is designed to be fun and informal with many cartoons and animations and much interactive content. It is the most visited site in the university, with 40 percent of total university visitors visiting the careers pages. All content is provided by experienced university careers advisers.

Eleven of the top twenty five most visited university web pages are careers pages including our employability skills pages, example CVs and aptitude tests and in total they get over 21 million page views a year (see table). Many pages have high Google rankings even though we don’t publicise the site outside the university in any way.

The site gets well over three million international visitors a year including a third of a million from India, one of our main target markets. This is more than the rest of the university sites combined see table).

These visitors raise the university’s profile and improve the university’s search engine rankings, and the pages attract many students to consider studying here, especially in subjects such as law and forensic science.

The amount of visitors also improves the university’s rankings in the 4icu.org University Web Ranking and other rankings. In 2011 Kent was ranked 22nd in the UK. For the first time Kent also appeared in the top 100 European Universities listing – ranked 93rd.

We support all graduates of the university for up to three years after graduation, sending them a weekly vacancy list with job hunting tips every Monday and the web site is a crucial part of this support for Kent graduates, especially if they live abroad. The pages are a valuable resource for alumni and staff of the university, especially in the present tough times.

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Most visited careers pages from 9.11.12 to 9.12.2012

Source: Google Analytics

Rank Page Pageviews % Pageviews
1. /careers/cv/cvexamples.htm 203,598 10.66%
2. /careers/cv.htm 180,120 9.43%
3. /careers/cv/goodbadCV.htm 89,413 4.68%
4. /careers/psychotests.htm 74,431 3.90%
5. /careers/cv/coveringletters.htm 72,599 3.80%
6. /careers/cv/CVProfiles.htm 59,985 3.14%
7. /careers/tests/mathstest.htm 55,985 2.93%
8. /careers/interviews/commonquestions.htm 53,474 2.80%
9. /careers/tests/mathstest2.htm 30,333 1.59%
10. /careers/tests/verbaltest.htm 29,822 1.56%

No. of visitors by country to Careers Web Site 9.11.12 to 9.12.2012
Source: Google Analytics.

United Kingdom 549,626
United States 66,510
India 41,135
(not set) 34,703
Australia 19,228
Canada 18,530
Philippines 14,806
Germany 11,375
Pakistan 11,130
Ireland 10,752