Homonyms Test


Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings, for example fair (light skinned) and fair (reasonable).  Homophones are a type of homonym that also sound the same and have different meanings, but also have different spellings, for example aloud and allowed.

Many homonyms and homophones are commonly and increasingly confused in CVs, covering letters and application forms. This seems to be stemming from the use of on-line thesauruses in word-processors, when an applicant will try to replace a short word, with a more impressively sounding longer word, but without quite understanding its precise meaning!

The test has 55 questions and you will have 6 minutes to do them. At the end of the test (when 6 minutes have elapsed), you will be given a score.

The test will start with two easy example questions which will not be marked or timed. Look at the sequence and work out which of the five numbers below it is the next member of the sequence. Now click on the "First Question" button below to begin. Click on the button beneath your answer to answer it. You can change your answer by clicking on another button.You can also go back to the previous question, by clicking on the previous question button. When you have finished the test click on "Get Your Score"



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What your score means

As mentioned before, this test is for practice only, so you should not regard your result as of importance chiefly because the test was not taken under proper test conditions e.g. in a silent room with no disturbances.

Your performance can also be distorted if you have a cold, or have not slept well. Also, evidence shows that international students or those from ethnic minorities may be disadvantaged in this type of test, due to language and cultural differences. If your first language is not English, your score is likely to be lower on such verbal tests than native English speakers. Mature students may also sometimes be disadvantaged and you should remember that your degree subject may change your performance - for example scientists are likely to do better on mathematical tests and Humanities students on verbal tests. Even your ability to use a mouse may influence your score. Having said all this it is still natural for you to want some feedback on your performance.



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There may be several possible definitions for some of words, just one of which is usually given here. For other or more detailed definitions try the Cambridge On-line Dictionary
1) Course mark Grade Grayed Turned gray
2) To change Alter Altar Place of worship
3) Belonging to us Our Are Form of "to be"
4) Extremely good Great Grate To rub together or fireplace
5) Classes in a particular subject Course Cause Reason
6) Split Break Brake Stopping device
7) To assist Aid Aide An assistant
8) Method Manner Manor House of a lord
9) If Whether Weather Meteorological events
10) Think again Review Revue Series of songs or sketches
11) Past tense of to teach Taught Taut Stretched tight
12) Part Piece Peace Calm, not war!
13) Being in a place Presence Presents Gifts
14) Narrative Story Storey Level of a building
15) Not curved Straight Strait Waterway
16) Remained Stayed Staid Boring
17) Established course of action Precedent President Commander
18) Uninterested
Bored Board Plank
19) Primary Main Mane Animal hair
20) School period Lesson Lessen Decrease
21) The present time Current Currant Berry
22) Computer instructions Program Programme Plan of activities
23) Introduction to a book Foreword Forward Opposite of backward
24) Suitable amount Commensurate Commiserate Show sympathy
25) Calmness Composure Composer Writer of music
26) Agree Assent Ascent Climb
27) Precis Summary Summery Like Summer
28) To change Affect Effect Result
29) Ability to wait Patience Patients Doctor's customers
30) Two parts Dual Duel Fight between two people
31) Preliminary text Draft Draught A wind or depth of water
32) Computer position indicator Cursor Curser Person who swears
33) Sequence Serial Cereal Food grains
34) Advise Counsel Council Group of politicians
35) Get support Canvass Canvas Cloth
36) Money Capital Capitol US Government Building
37) Combine well with something Complement Compliment Praise
38) Previously
Formerly Formally Officially
39) An equal Peer Pier A wharf
40) Pens and paper Stationery Stationary Not moving
41) Spoken Oral Aural Of hearing
42) Understanding Insight Incite Provoke
43) Keeping secret Discreet Discrete Separate
44) Get information Elicit Illicit Illegal
45) Basic meaning Literal Littoral Of the shoreline
46) A rule
Principle Principal School or college head
47) Way between places Route Rout Make run away
48) Occurring every two years Biennial Biannual Occurring twice a year
49) Willingness to please Complaisant Complacent Satisfied with the situation
50) Censure Upbraid Abrade Rub or scrape
51) Ruffled pride Pique Peek Look quickly
52) Place There Their
Belonging to them
53) Study carefully Pore Pour To make flow
54) Inscribe Write Wright
55) Make a mistake Err Air
What we breath