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Employability Skills Map

This “skills map” sets out all the main employability skills in a way that shows their relationships to each other. You may wish to highlight any you feel you are good at and put a question mark against any you feel you need to develop. Does a pattern emerge? You may like to write down a brief example of where you have used your key skills next to each one you have highlighted. These examples can then be added to your CV. The innermost oval has primary or fundamental skills, the middle oval contains intermediate skills and the outer circle very specific skills. For example communicating can be divided into speaking and writing and spoken communication can be further broken down into presenting, listening and telephone skills

Most of the skills link to a relevant page when clicked on.

Skills map body language Lateral thinking telephone skills striving for excellence striving for excellence numeracy Cooperating Cooperating Lateral thinking persuading assertiveness body language telephone skills Cooperating writing speaking investigating flexibility analysing prioritising deadlines identifying options Presenting editing creative jobhunting numeracy computing action planning time management striving for excellence Skills menu


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