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Here you will find information on a career in law including work as a solicitor and as a barrister, paralegal work and other careers related to law, information on the professional training courses and links to major legal employers.

Introductory information

Becoming a Barrister or Solicitor

A diagram of the route for graduates to become solicitors or barristers, with explanations of each stage is at: www.lawcareers.net/Information/Timetables/Basic

The sites below include a great deal of general information about the legal profession, career paths, qualifications and employers.

Sites with general law information Picture of Scales of Justice

Advice on CVs, application forms and interviews for legal employers www.kent.ac.uk/careers/interviews/lawAppsIVs.htm

Conversion courses for non-law graduates

Sites with general information for solicitors

Firms' websites:

The “Magic Circle” – the top 5 UK firms, all with clients and offices worldwide

The “Silver Circle” – firms ranking just below the Magic Circle but with a similar scope and range of work

American firms in London

Other City and commercial firms

Many of these are international and offer excellent career prospects so don’t just focus on the firms in the categories above!

Medium-sized and niche (specialist) firms in London

Regional firms – South-East England 

Other regional firms


Alternative legal service providers

These include telephone and online legal advice; “packaged” legal services; document assembly packages; ‘virtual’ law firms and "white label" legal services (services provided by law firms but sold to customers of another organisation, such as an insurance or travel company, under their own brand name. Many of these providers focus on private client work.
As the number of traditional training contracts continues to fall, these companies may provide an alternative route into the legal profession.
Initial roles for graduates in these organisations are usually as paralegals or case handlers. These roles may offer the opportunity to progress into a training contract.


For further background on alternative legal services, the firms providing them and how they may develop in the future see:


The above list is only a selection: the databases above provide more comprehensive and searchable listings. Inclusion in this list does not imply any recommendation of these particular firms by the Careers and Employability Service.

Sites with general information for barristers

The Inns of Court:

The four Inns of Court provide support for barristers and students through a range of educational activities, lunching and dining facilities, access to common rooms and gardens and the provision of various grants and scholarships. 
Anyone wishing to join the Bar must join one of the Inns, which are responsible for "Calling" barristers to the Bar. You can join as a student member while you are still at University.


Again, this list is only a selection: the databases above provide more comprehensive and searchable listings. Inclusion in this list does not imply any recommendation of these particular chambers by the Careers and Employability Service.

Organisations representing lawyers from minority and special interest groups

Other professional bodies

Public and voluntary bodies

Paralegal work

Other useful sites

Court reporting

Recruitment agencies and jobs boards

Below, we list some agencies and job sites which specialise in law-related posts, but their inclusion here should not be taken to imply any recommendation. Few, if any, will recruit for training contracts - paralegal work is more likely and, even here, experience and a further qualification is normally required.

For guidelines on using recruitment agencies and a listing of more generalist agencies, go to www.kent.ac.uk/careers/recruit.htm

Jurisdictions outside England & Wales




The above organisations offer 5-month stages (traineeships) to law graduates



Australia and New Zealand




And if none of the above links help you find what you are looking for, try:


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