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Introduction – how best to use recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can be a useful part of your job search, whether for a permanent graduate job, a temporary stop-gap job or a casual, part-time or vacation job

Recruitment agencies are used by large employers who wish to "spread their net" as widely as possible when recruiting graduates or specialists, and by smaller ones which do not have the personnel resources to carry out their own recruitment.

Employers expect agencies to put forward candidates with specific qualities or abilities related to the job. This can restrict opportunities for new graduates without significant work experience - some agencies specify six months experience in a relevant field.

Don't rely on agencies alone to find you a job - you should also use our graduate vacancy database , other graduate directories and make direct approaches to employers.

You need to research the agencies that seem most appropriate for you, and to send your CV to a number of agencies. Some may not respond, but others may offer you a "screening interview" either by phone or face to face. This is a good sign as it shows they are strongly interested in you. A screening interview involves a consultant at the agency testing you out with questions to see if they feel you would be suitable to send to interviews with their client companies.

Agencies should not charge you - they get a fee from the employers whose vacancies they advertise. Agencies do not normally pay interview expenses so make sure you ask questions about the job for which you are being put forward and make sure that it is appropriate if it is a long distance to travel.

The most popular and competitive areas of work for graduates are unlikely to be available through recruitment agencies, as employers in sectors such as the media have no difficulty in filling any vacancies through speculative applications. Most agencies offering positions in "the media" are likely to be referring to media sales.

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