What can you do with a degree in Psychology?



The following information will not tell you which Psychology courses are available at the University of Kent. The undergraduate prospectus has everything you need to know about these. Here you will discover what Psychology graduates from Kent have gone on to do within six months of finishing their degree.

Of course in the longer term many may change the kind of work they begin doing immediately after graduation. This is certainly true in relation to the Psychology occupations. Most clinical psychologists, for example, will begin by gaining work experience within health service care settings as assistants.

The great flexibility of most UK degree subjects is reflected in the fact that many vacancies advertised to graduates do not specify degree subject. So the jobs Kent graduates go on to do in the short-term are not necessarily ends in themselves. This reflects the contemporary culture of lifelong learning and personal development into which present Kent students now graduate.

Where can psychology lead?

A degree in Psychology can lead into many career areas. Some are obvious, others are not. Statistics show that the majority of Psychology students after graduation obtain employment. The jobs they get are many and varied. They range from health and social welfare occupations, such as Care Assistant and Assistant Psychologist, to commercial, professional and managerial jobs, such as Chartered Accountant and Marketing Manager. Graduates have also entered administration, information work, sales, teaching and the media.

Employers in the UK value graduates for their qualities and skills derived from time at university as well as life outside it. Transferable skills such as verbal and written communication, leadership, logical reasoning and teamwork are as important to getting a job as the degree subject you are offering.

Occupations associated with psychology

Here are some examples where there is a distinct association between the entry routes or requirements of the occupations listed and the study of Psychology at degree level.

Directly associated: a degree in Psychology is essential in order to obtain employment or further training in these occupations. See the British Psychological Society (BPS) website for more details: www.bps.org.uk/careers

Associated: a degree in Psychology would be helpful in order to obtain employment or further training in these occupations. See the Graduate Prospects website for more details on these and other occupations: www.prospects.ac.uk/links/Occupations

University of Kent destination statistics

The latest destinations for all subjects including undergraduates and postgraduates at Kent can be found at www.kent.ac.uk/careers/fdrbases/destinations.htm

Examples of work and further study undertaken by Kent graduates

The following are examples of the employment and further study obtained six months after graduation by Kent students from Psychology (including combined courses) over the last few years.











Complete statistics from graduates in Psychology can be found together with other subjects at www.kent.ac.uk/careers/fdrbases/destinations.htm

Longer-term prospects

Here are some examples of what Kent Psychology graduates are doing several years after graduation.


Finding work experience in mental health

Below are some useful national and Kent and Medway specific sites for finding work experience and/or paid employment with organisations involved in supporting people with mental health and wellbeing

Psychology Links - useful websites

These links reflect a range of organisations whose websites may be of interest to students and/or graduates in Psychology.


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