Pik and Mix CV

By clicking on the links (e.g. name and address) at the left of the screen, you will be able to experiment with different layouts for your CV until you get a personalised style which suits you. On the left hand side, you will also get tips about the different layouts.

This page can't of course give you the fine nuances of CV style. For example a mature student may want to put their personal details, such as date of birth at the end of the CV, so that the selector reads the rest before they come to this. Similarly, someone with an impressive work record, may want to put this before their education. It will however quickly give you a good idea of a range of different CV styles. Once you have finished, you may want to print off your design, to help you when laying out your own CV.

Name and Address CV text
Personal Statement CV text
Degree CV text
School CV text


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Work Experience CV text
Interests CV text
Additional Information CV text
References CV text


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