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Increasingly companies are using on-line application forms rather than paper-based forms. This is because they are faster and more efficient - no moving paper documents from Personnel to Line Managers and back again. All applications can be held on a database - a paperless environment. Some firms such as J.P. Morgan, BT, Corus, Cable and Wireless, and Abbey National now have 100% on-line applications. On-line application forms are usually very similar to a companies paper application form: assuming they have one.

They may incorporate a selection test

Although you can change your on-line application as many times as you like before submitting, you normally only get one chance to take a test, so make sure you're relaxed and prepared before you start. The types of test you might come across are.

See our aptitude tests section

Better forms:

Some poorer forms:



Electronically Scanned CVs

How to format your CV for scanning

Text-only Internet CVs

A few employers are reluctant to accept CVs as attachments due to virus worries, and may specify a CV in the body of your email. They don't look particularly attractive as you can't use interesting fonts or formatting, but have the advantage that they can be read on any computer. One possible solution is to provide a text-only version in the body of your email with an attached version in Rich Text Format (.rtf) - rtf may be preferred to MS Word Format as rtf can't carry viruses, and can be opened by nearly all word-processing packages.

Example of the beginning of a text CV


6 Farthings Court, Parkwood            
Canterbury, CT2 8NP                        
Email jma555@kent.ac.uk                


Date of Birth: 5. 11. 1976             Nationality: British


1995 - 1998 University of Kent at Canterbury
BSc(Hons.) Computer Science

Subjects include:
* Software Engineering
* Compiling Techniques
* Computer Networks and Communications

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