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Greatly improve your chances of getting a graduate job in just a few hours by getting the Careers Award on Moodle


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Careers Employability Award


What does the award contain?

Feedback from students who have obtained the award

  • This award has been incredibly informative and an amazing tool to use which improves your chances of making a better impression on employers with your CV and interview skills
  • I found incredibly useful and detailed
  • It has helped me tremendously in applying for jobs, and I am especially thankful for the thorough feedback
  • The three assignments helped me tremendously. Especially the part about writing a good CV. As an international student, I am used to writing CVs in a quite different manner, so being able to get pointers on how to write a good CV and hand it in through Moodle to get feedback was very helpful.
  • The review of the CV by a professional enabled me to drastically improve my CV.
  • You could work through it in your own time doing each assignment/quiz when you had spare minutes rather than in large sessions
  • I enjoyed being able to dip in and out of the module as it suited me.
  • You can do it anywhere and in however long you like
  • Whilst it is incredibly useful, it is not too time-consuming and can easily be fitted around other studies.
  • I feel that I have a significantly greater understanding of the types of careers available, the careers best suited to my strengths and finally some of the best ways to secure these careers by increasing my employability.
  • It gave me time to concentrate on my future and opened up my options.
  • When the answers to the questions in the quizzes were given, rather than simply saying what was right or wrong, there was more explanation on the topic.
  • Assignments such as action planning are a great way to push yourself to putting your goals into practice.
  • The feedback contains so much relevant informations specifically for my field of studying and potential career.
  • It's a breakdown of practical things you don't get told
  • The award has also given me greater confidence in writing and completing applications
  • It was easy to follow and only takes a day to complete (if you work hard!)
  • The availability of really useful information which can then be easily applied to real life situations.
  • I wish I had enrolled in the module sooner.
  • It prepares me completely for job applications and post-graduation life
  • It was very focused on helping you to work out the best career path for yourself and didn't pressurise you in any way. It is clever how through completing the tasks involved, with little effort, you realise that you know a lot more about what you want to do in the future and how to go about it.
  • A lot of the topics I have already covered in placement workshops for example however, these were much more detailed and I learnt so much more
  • it takes the overwhelming task of choosing and applying for jobs and makes it more manageable through a step-by-step process.
  • It would be mad to apply for a job or attend an interview without doing it! 
  • I recently had a very successful interview largely because I put the advice on the module into practice!
  • It really blew my mind with ideas I've never known before, such as portfolio working and working from home. I never thought about obtaining happiness from my work before.
  • It has made me feel a lot more confident when it comes to applications and interviews in the future and has also made me think about skills I have that I didn't think I had before.
  • It was so easy, quick and I learned a lot. Without realising, you have finished the course and have already put together a very good CV and covering letter. 
  • Before the course I had only a vague idea of my career path and opportunities, now I am applying for Summer internships and know how to effectively sell my skills to a prospective employer and have a much more focused plan for my future.
  • It really encouraged me to consider how my degree will benefit my future and what I can be doing now to improve my graduate employment prospects. 
  • I enjoyed the depth of the module. It went far beyond some general tips on how to write a good CV and prepare for an interview. Rather it went in to detail about the whole process of graduate job search from the beginning to the end. It was very instructive.
  • The module is very, very useful! I really love how it makes you to think about your personality and helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The amount of time put into this is astounding! I actually spoke to friends from other universities who said they wished they had something like this.
  • I feel as though I have learnt so much in just two days.
  • I learnt through playing!
  • I wish I had completed it earlier.
  • It's so easy and pressure-free to complete
  • It guides you through the recruitment process, and helps you analyse your own strengths. 
  • I now feel I have a much better idea about where I want to go in life and more importantly how to approach getting there.
  • Great advice and tips which helped me to improve my skills, find my strengths and increase my prospects for employment.
    See the end of this page for further feedback)

The award takes just a few hours to complete and is all done on line and consists of quizzes and assignments. Completing the award will greatly improve your career planning and job hunting skills giving you strategies to make appropriate career choices and will increase your chances of getting a graduate level job. On completion you receive the University of Kent Careers Employability Award certificate.

What are the benefits?


How to enrol on the Award


Subject specific awards - Science, English, Arts, Business and SSPSSR

These awards are similar to the main award but have some content adapted to students studying for particular subjects. Some of the quiz questions have also been changed to relate to the particular subject. Having said this, the differences are quite small, simply because we don't have the staff to make, and keep up to date, larger differences!

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research Employability Award

This online award is available to all SSPSSR students at Kent and consists of quizzes and short, easy assignments on CVs, covering letters, application forms, interview skills, choosing a career, what makes you happy at work and much more. Completing the award will greatly increase your chances of getting a graduate job.
You get the award by completing all the quizzes, three short assignments and the feedback form and you also get 60 Employability Points.

Kent Business School Careers Award

The Science Careers Award

This is for bioscience, physics, chemistry and forensic science students It has a science CV and covering letter, and information on science specific careers.

The School of English Careers Award

This contains English CVs, humanities covering letters, and information on BA English specific careers: the Choosing a Career assignment contains more content on jobs such as journalism and publishing which are on interest to humanities students.

The School of Arts Careers Award


How to view your progress

You can print off a progress sheet here which you can use to tick off the bits you have done

In the Module you can view all the quizzes and the mark you have got by looking in the left hand column for the section called “Activities”. Click on the "Quizzes" link and it will display all the quizzes and your marks.

If in the same “Activities” section, you click on "Assignments" it will show all your submitted assignments and the grade for those which have been marked.Moodle Marking

On the right hand side of the main screen you will also see some square checkboxes (see the picture to the right). If the box is empty it means that you haven’t attempted the activity. If it has a cross, it means that you have tried a quiz and been unsuccessful and will need to try it again to pass it. If you have a tick, it means that you have successfully completed that quiz or assignment (you have to wait until the assignment has been marked before the tick appears).


You can ignore several assignments and still achieve the award. For example if you have already chosen your intended career, the assignment on choosing a career may not be of benefit to you, so you could miss it out.  

You must complete ALL THE QUIZZES, THREE ASSIGNMENTS and the FEEDBACK FORM to get the award.

Once we have given you feedback on your assignments, we arrange to give you your award certificate and notify the Employability Points Scheme to give you 60 employability points.


Quizzes: you must complete all of these.

You need to get 75% to pass each quiz (except the special interest topics for which you only need 10%), but you are allowed unlimited attempts and there is no time limit.

Tick when 

Employability skills quiz


How can I develop the skills employers want?


Test your spelling and grammar!


What makes you happy at work?


How commercially aware are you?


Special interests topic lesson (you only need to get 10% to pass this)


Interview preparation


Practice interview


What are the most common interview questions?


Aptitude tests and assessment centres


CVs and covering letters - drag and drop quiz


CV quiz


Career planning drag and drop quiz


Assignments: you must complete 3 of the following:


Analyse your skills and learn to make top quality applications


Do you want to live to work or work to live?


Researching careers (if you prefer, this can be done as a presentationpodcast or video email for details)


Social media


Choosing a career


Submit a CV


Action Planning


Feedback form


You must complete all quizzes, three assignments & the feedback form to complete the awardOnce you have done this, email with your name, subject, year & campus, plus names of assignments done, to get your award.



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having problems enrolling on the award

If you have any problems enrolling email Bruce Woodcock on and I will enrol you.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the University Virtual Learning Environment. For more on Moodle see the Student Orientation Document

How do I get my certificate?  Careers Employability Award

Once you have completed all the quizzes, three assignments and the feedback form, email with your name, subject, year, campus and the assignments you have completed.  You will then receive an email when your certificate is ready for collectionfrom the Careers and Employability Service (next to Keynes at the Canterbury Campus, or in G0-05 at the Medway Campus).  If you study at a college, we will post the certificate to you and will email you to confirm when we have done this. 

I noticed that on some of the sections it states that you only need to complete 3 assignments. I was looking for some clarification with regards to what this means as I thought I had to complete every tick box on the module.

You only need to complete 3 out of the seven possible assignments to get the award, although some students do more assignments for their own enjoyment! You also have to complete all of the quizzes and the feedback form. One you have done this, email and I will prepare your award.

Can I do it off campus?

Certainly. Students have completed it during their year abroad in Spain and Sweden and others during their placement year in industry.

As the module has many good resources, am I still able to access the resources after completion and get feedback if I was to complete any more of the assignments, for personal development?

Yes, you can access all the resources until at least late summer when we will improve the module for next year. Keep personal copies of any assignments you have done of course.

If you submit any other assignments will will still give you feedback on these

As is it all completed on-line, how would I go about getting the assignments marked?

Assignments are marked on-line via the Moodle marking system and you get feedback on your work. Marking and feedback is light touch and positive If you want further feedback, for example on your CV, you are welcome to come to see the duty careers adviser to discuss your work

What if I fail an assignment?

This is unlikely unless you had put very little thought and effort into your answers, as we tend to view the marking of assignments as a process to help you learn by giving you positive feedback more than anything else, but you would in any case have an opportunity to retake any assignments you failed.

Is there a deadline for each quiz/assignment or just done in one's own time?

The overall deadline for completion is the end of July 2014: you can complete the quizzes and assignments in any order you wish.

With regards to the assignments and quizzes that must be completed are they course or career related at all or just general with regards to employability?

Most of the assignments and quizzes are generic but certain parts such as the "Researching a Career" and "Choosing a Career" assignments do allow you to focus on particular careers. There are also specific Science, English and Politics versions if you are studying these subjects which you can enrol for if you prefer.

Where am I meant to be finding the information to answer the quizzes? Is there a specific website?

Most of the answers will be on our careers web site Next to most of the quizzes are relevant pages which will give you useful information to answer them. You can of course, take the quizzes as many times as you need to, so it's OK to guess if you don't know the answer to a particular question, as you will get detailed help along with the correct answer.

I have submitted an assignment but the tick in the green box next to it will not show up.

You don't get the tick for assignments until they have been marked. This usually happens within two weeks of submission unless we are very busy.

I am working my way through the CEM module, when and recently completed one assignment how and when do I send this in?

moodle file submission

See the screenshot to the right.

Taking the first assignment as an example. Where it says:

Click on this in Moodle.

Then click on the button "Add submission".

drag and drop the file
Then either drag and drop the MS Word document containing your assignment onto the blue arrow (see the screenshot on the right) or otherwise click on the rectangle icon with a cross in the bottom right hand corner (circled in red in the screenshot to the right)





cjhoosing a file to upload in Windows Explorer

to find your file in Windows Explorer and upload it. (See the screenshot to the right). Make sure you save your changes or the file will stay in draft format and not be submitted for feedback.

If you still have problems you can, if necessary, just attach your assignments to an email to me ( and I will review them that way instead.

Do I have to complete it in one go?

A few people have done it in a single day but you can complete it in your own time and at your own pace over a number of months if you prefer. The deadline for completion is about the end of May each year.

How long does it take?

A few hours: some students have completed it in a single day. A few students have rushed through just to get the award, but students who take a more measured approach and think carefully about what they are doing will ultimately reap a much richer reward.

I would like to know how many times a week I will have to participate#

It's entirely up to you, some people will complete the whole award in one weekend and others will do just half an hour a week over many weeks. It takes about 12 hours in total to complete.

Can I do it each year?

You can if you wish to! Each year we try to improve the module and so each year there will be a number of changes, but the benefit to you would not be that great in doing this.

If I don't end up completing the award but I'm enrolled will it affect anything?

Not in the slightest - it wouldn't affect your academic record in any way.

Will I be able to access my work next year?

We improve the module each summer based on student feedback, so the module is a new version next year. Previous modules are kept in the Moodle archive and you should be able to access your work in the Kent moodle archive but we can't guarantee this, so it would be wise to keep copies of your assignments and feedback just in case you can't access the archive. All web pages mentioned in the module will of course still be available.

What is the difference between Careers Employability Award and the English Careers Award?

Simply that the English award has a BA English CV, covering letter and the choosing a career assignment has more careers related to an English degree in it. Otherwise the awards are very similar - you get the same certificate at the end. The same applies to the science award. It has a science CV, covering letter and science careers in the choosing a career assignment but otherwise is very similar to the main award.

How do I complete the feedback form?

when you enter the module, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. The final part of the module is called feedback. It is greyed out until you have completed all the quizzes. Once you have completed all the quizzes the feedback form will become available. Click on the feedback form and complete it.

If you have real problems submitting this, you can email answers to the following questions to me

I get 60 Employability Points for completing the award. What are Employability Points?

The Employability Points Scheme is run by Kent Innovation and Enterprise. You can find out about it at We normally submit the names of students who have completed the award at the end of each term, so your points won't show up immediately on your points record. Points are carried forward to the next year. If you have any questions about the points you can ask these at

Where do I get my certificate from once I've completed the award?

Once you have completed the award successfully we will email you to tell you that your certificate is available for collection. You can then pick it up any weekday from Careers and Employability Service reception. On the Canterbury campus we are in Keynes College driveway and at Medway, in the Gillingham Building: see the maps at

Could I have my award certificate posted to me?

We normally expect you to pick your certificate up from Careers reception but if you have a good reason e.g. if you are on a year abroad, industrial placement off campus or have graduated and aren't coming back to Canterbury again, just let us know your address and we'll post it to you.

I completed the employability award while I was in France and will not be able to pick it up before the start of the next academic year. Will it still be available to pick up at the start of next year?

We hold all certificates which haven't been picked up for at least 6 months after completion, so this is not a problem.

Although the module has been extremely helpful I would still like to take things further.

You can book an appointment for an interview with a careers adviser to discuss any outstanding issues by ringing our reception on 01227 823299. This could be a telephone interview if you've graduated and left campus.


The DOTS Model of Career Planning used in the award

Self Awareness

  • Analysing your:
    • Employability skills
    • Interests
    • Values
    • Personal styles
    • Strengths
    • Test your spelling and grammar

Opportunity Awareness

  • Researching a career assignment
  • Commercial awareness
  • “Do you work to live or live to work?” assignment
  • Happiness at work quiz
  • Networking and social networking (next year!)

Decision Making

  • Choosing a career assignment
  • Prospects Planner

Taking Action

  • CV assignment
  • Covering letters drag and drop quiz
  • Application forms assignment using STAR (Situation, task, action, result
  • Interview skills quiz
  • Practice interview quiz (and offer of mock interview to those successfully completing the award.)
  • Employer aptitude tests practice
  • Selection centre quiz
  • Action planning assignment, timeline, time management(next year!)



Some Careers Employability Award Statistics

Completed award
Registered for award
Quizzes attempted
Assignments submitted
2010-11 (Pilot year)
8851 + 419 Arts + 542 English + 863 Science =
10,675 total
968 + 41A + 64E + 105S
= 1078 total
5940 + 276A + 256E +436S + 253B = 7161 726 + 21A + 29E + 58S + 23B = 857 total


I recently saw a graduate who had been out of work since graduating in summer. She told me that she knew her CV was fine. I looked it over and soon found that it was a disaster area! I told her what she needed to change and within a few days she had produced a high quality graduate CV and was already getting interviews. You can now get a health check on your CV on line via the CV ASSIGNMENT in the Award: we give your CV a grade and tell you exactly what changes you need to make to bring your CV to a high standard. Within a few days you can have a CV that will impress employers. Before you can submit your CV for marking you must first complete the CV quiz in the Award which gives you lots of advice on how to produce a professional level CV.

"Describe an occasion when you went out of your way to satisfy or exceed someone else’s expectations. Include how you approached the situation, what your priorities were, the key action that enabled you to exceed expectations, the impact of your actions and what feedback you received on how you dealt with the situation". This is a typical question found in graduate application forms. Many students are afraid of such questions but they are not difficult if you know the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique which employers expect you to use when answering. The best way to learn the STAR technique is to do the assignment "Analyse you skills and learn how to make high quality applications" in the Careers Employability Award. This takes you step by step through how to answer such questions, allowing you to answer a typical question and then get detailed feedback on your answer.

I haven't a clue about which career to enter when I graduate! Many students have no idea which career they wish to follow after university, this in particular applies to students studying humanities degrees and the non-vocational social sciences. For many careers you need to decide your direction well before the end of your second year, so that you can get relevant work experience and develop the appropriate skills. The "Choosing a Career" assignment in the Careers Employability Award takes you through exercises to analyse your skills, interests, values, strengths and personality and then helps you to relate these to suitable graduate careers. Finally you complete a powerful career choice program who recommends the graduate careers which most suit you. It's then possible to use our Alumni network to get help from Kent Alumni who are working in these careers.

More comments from students who have completed the award

Improvements based on student feedback

One reason that the Award has been so successful is that we gather detailed feedback from every student who completes it. But not only do we gather feedback, we then act upon it. Every summer, after the award has finished, we look in depth at all the feedback we have obtained and then use it as the basis for the improvements to next year's award. For example here is some of the feedback we have obtained from students and the action we have taken in response to this.