What do Health & Social Care graduates do? hypodermic needle

Here is some careers information relating to what Health & Social Care graduates can do after they graduate. See also www.prospects.ac.uk/links/HealthStudDeg

Occupations of UK Health & Social Care graduates

These are examples of the occupational groups in which Health & Social Care graduates first gain employment.

Employers of UK Health & Social Care graduates

Below are some examples of the typical employers with whom Health & Social Care graduates first gain employment.

Jobs where a Health & Social Care degree may be useful

Here are some examples of jobs where a Health & Social Care degree may be useful. You can research more information about these occupations by looking at the Occupational files in the careers library at the CAS or by visiting the Prospect website at www.prospects.ac.uk


You can find a list of all the main jobs open to graduates of any subject by clicking here

Skills developed studying Health & Social Care

The QAA Benchmark Statement for this subject includes the following two sets of specific skills:

Subject-specific skills

The nature of health studies entails interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches and the indication of specific subject skills acknowledges this. A health studies student will develop the skills necessary to the assimilation and understanding of the complex and diverse nature of the subject, as well as more general skills which will be widely transferable. Students will undertake a critical examination of contrasting perspectives which provide insight into the individual and personal experience of health.

The following skills are identified as being related to the specific nature of health studies programmes:

In addition to these subject-specific skills, the health studies graduate will have developed many other skills related to the successful completion of a degree level programme, and which are relevant and transferable in terms of the student's successful career management.

Transferable skills

The student will have the ability to:

Destinations of graduates

Here are some examples of the jobs that Health & Social Care graduates get shortly after they leave university. These examples are based on graduates who have replied to the annual collection of graduates' destinations conducted by UK universities. Full destinations of all University of Kent graduates (1999-PRESENT) can be found here

Careers and Employability Service Resources

There is a great deal of careers information available at the Careers and Employability Service building next to Keynes College on the Canterbury campus. Here are some examples.

AGCAS SECTOR BRIEFINGS - www.prospects.ac.uk

Online profiles of employment sectors covering a wide variety of careers. They include information on the following:

Other Reference Information

Booklets, Directories and other types of information that are available in the careers information room include:

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