Destination Success Bootcamp

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Destination Success Bootcamp

17 - 19 November 2023

Interactive three-day programme to help you map out your journey to success and build confidence in your abilities.

Free course - normally £695 per person!

Limited Spaces Available. Participants must attend all three days. 

The Destination Success Bootcamp is an exciting programme, designed to enhance University of Kent students and graduates with professional development and career confidence. It will be delivered by Kate Gardner, of Gardner Training & Consultancy with input from the Careers and Employability staff to ensure you have access to tailored expert advice on your CV and interview techniques.

The three day, in person course is highly participative and practical. Participants are asked to apply what they are learning to their own real-life scenarios for each session. This includes the opportunity to reflect on your existing skills and traits, pick the brains of the Staff running he course and, of course interact with the other students on the course.

Day One: 17 November 2023


Understanding me

If you cannot manage yourself, how can you expect to work around others? This module aids self-reflection using a number of tools that will help you better understand how you work and play and includes:

  • This is me – a chance to tell your story
  • Personality Profiles – a look at you at your best and worst!
  • I value – personal values are at the heart of everything we are
  • Right Now – exploring your strengths and development areas
  • Who Me? – Imposter syndrome and the power of positivity
  • No... This is me! – a look at what we want out of life

Day Two: 18 November 2023


Navigating You!

Understanding yourself is only half the picture, to be able to get the most out of life, you must be able to navigate others too. This module will help you to understand how to nurture and build good relations and includes:

  • Team dynamics – how groups form and what to expect along the way
  • Learning styles – different folks, different strokes (people are different, and that some individuals or groups have different needs and wants from others)
  • Navigating the work team rules – etiquette to make you stand out
  • Having difficult conversations – tools to ensure things do not escalate
  • Communication in the workplace – the highs and lows

Day Three: 19 November 2023


Universal Life Hacks!

There are many ways to ‘get things done’ but even more ways to ‘get the right things done efficiently’. This fast-paced day will give you a toolbox full of ideas and models to ensure you hit the ground running and includes:

  • Decision making tools – how to survive!
  • Planning your life - tips and tools to stay on top of things
  • Prioritising, delegating and ensuring impact
  • Putting it all together – mapping my skills
  • Would I employ me? – a chance to see things from the other side.

A chance to shine!

Over the three days, we will be working with you to ensure you have access to all the information you need to leave armed with a full toolkit for ultimate success.

This session will allow you to meet with experts to look through CV tweaks, talk about application or interview worries and leave feeling confident that you can succeed. We will also be issuing Certificates of Attendance with course content covered so you can quote your skills to future employers. 

Course expectations

This course represents a significant investment in your personal and professional development and includes a combination of in person training days as well as self-study tasks and activities. By signing up to this course you agree to:

  • Attend the three days in person training as detailed above
  • Read the course materials and handouts between contact days or prior to training days if required
  • Follow up with staff on your action plan so you can continue to be supported after the course has finished

Participate full in training days, recognising the more you input, the more you will gain from the course