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One of the most valuable skills you should acquire on an electronics course is the ability to solve problems. This may be developed through project work or from an analysis of the technical knowledge inherent in the course. Your course will encourage you to think logically, to collect relevant data and make decisions. Also valued by employers are the high levels of numeracy and computer literacy. The ability to work successfully in a team is also important.

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A large proportion of electronics graduates entering permanent jobs after graduation go into research, design and development. Although you can get a job as a trainee research engineer with a good first degree, for those wanting a long term career in research it may be advisable to study for a doctorate as promotion within research may be hindered without one. However, many junior research staff use research as a stepping stone to other functions within the company, such as marketing, patent work and production management, and for graduates with these ambitions a postgraduate degree would not be necessary. Many of these jobs are with electronics, telecommunications and defence companies. See the section on Research and Development.


Radio, optoelectronic and microwave communication are all important here, and there are jobs with both equipment manufacturers and suppliers of services.



A popular area for electronics graduates. Although it has been badly hit by the downturn in the American economy, there are still substantial numbers of jobs here. Employers include:

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Destinations of Kent Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering Graduates

Electronics Careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers

Destinations of Kent Computer Systems Engineering Graduates

These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including postgraduates can be found at www.kent.ac.uk/careers/fdrbases/destinations.htm  
  • MSc MSc Information Security & Biometrics (4) - Kent , MSc Broadband - Kent (18), MSc Distributed Systems - Kent (2), MSc Electronics - Kent (2), MSc Embedded Systems & Intrumentation - Kent, (2) MSc Computer Systems and Networking - Kent, MSc Computer Science - Kent, MSc CSE - Kent, MSc Systems/Robotics - Essex, MSc Engineering Management - Brunel University, MSc Management Science - Kent, MSc Business IT - UMIST, MSc Computing - Imperial, MSc Computational Aeronautics - Imperial, MSc Int'l Oil and Gas Management - Dundee
  • PhD Electronics - Kent (8), Biometrics - Kent, Computer Science - Kent, Plymouth CSE - Kent,
  • Teacher Training PGCE Secondary ICT - Christ Church (2)
  • Other Study e.g. Postgrad. Dip. Broadband - Kent (5) Pg Dip. Electronics - Kent (2), Web Design Course
    • Hardware Engineer: BAe Systems, HM Gov't Communications Centre/Zarlink Semiconductor
    • Systems Analyst: Deutsch Bank, American Express, Euroclear Bank, ReThink Group
    • Software Engineers/Developers: Photobase Ltd, Speakerbus Ltd, Intandem Software Solutions, CGI, Marine Software Ltd, BAe Systems, IBM, Aurora, Telesoft Technologies, Cairn Research, Creata.com, ICL,Cyprus XP Solutions, UC Logic
    • Website Designer/Editor: Interactive Investor, Eurodynamics, Nettec
    • IT Consultant: Trouble Free IT, Force-tech, Apex Computers, Associate Consultant
    • Resourcing Consultant - ITHR Group
    • Design Engineer: R&D Design Services
    • Electronic Engineer: RDDS, Visteon Engineering Services
    • Electrical Engineer - Bentley Motors
    • IT Support: Fujitsu
    • Systems Engineer: Cisco Systems, AMS, EPOS
    • Software Tester: TTT Moneycorp
    • Field Service Engineer: Computer Centre
    • Research Engineer: Ipsotek (+PhD Image Processing), Qinetiq
    • Engineer Officer Cadet/Fd Marine Eng. - Maersk Offshore/Warsash Maritime Academy
    • Research Assistant + PhD: University of Kent (2)
    • Java Developer: Netcentric Systems
    • Management Trainee: Nissan (plus study at Cranfield Univ.)
    • Systems Administrator: University of Greenwich
    • Network Designer - Key Criteria
    • Network Support: IBM
    • Helpdesk Officer: MLS
    • Technician: Christ Church University, SBE/Grammar School
    • Contractual Supervisor - Henry Schein
    • Graduate Trainee: ASDA
    • Sales Consultant: Carphone Warehouse, Sales Agent - Necoda
    • Military Service (2)
    • Assistant Mechanic: Auto Repair Company
    • Call Centre Operator, Sales Assistant - Game, Tesco, John Lewis

Electronics/Electronics & Communications - summary of Kent destinations

These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including postgraduates can be found at www.kent.ac.uk/careers/fdrbases/destinations.htm  


MSc: MSc Broadband: Kent (12), MSc Information Security & Biometrics: Kent (2), MSc Embedded Systems & Intrumentation - Kent. MSc Computer Systems Engineering: Kent (several), MSc Electrical Engineering : Kent/Newcastle, MSc DSP and Machine Intelligence: Surrey, MSc Computer Science: Bristol,
MSc Power System Eng. - UCL, MSc Sustainablilty and Power Systems - Southampton, MSc Electronic Engineering with Business Management - Kings (2)
PhD: Electronics: Kent (4)
Other: Postgraduate Diploma Broadband: Kent (3)

Electronics-related Employment.

Systems Engineer: BAe Systems, Delphi Diesel Systems (2),  
Design Engineer: Delphi Systems, Global Communications, Marconi, Redifon, M.E.L., Hunting Engineering, Frer-Nash Research Ltd, Airflow Development Ltd, Kent Modular Electronics, RDDS Avionics Ltd., Thales, Harada R&D Centre,
Graduate Engineer: DSTL (2), W.S. Atkins, MOD, T-Mobile, National Air Traffic Services, Babcock Int'l Group, MBDA, Harada Industries, Lucas Aerospace, Max Wright, Tube Lines (+ Open University - MSc Engineering), Low Carbon Solutions, Roke Manor Research,
Graduate Firmware Engineer: ActarisFacilities Development Engineer - Delphi Software Engineer - Autologic Diagnostics
Research Engineer
- Roke Manor
Controls Support Engineer
: Actionair, Technical Support Engineer - EFS Technology
Fault Finding Technician
: Simrad,
Service Bulletin Engineer: CGOL
Systems Developer - Intuitive
Service Engineer - Bombardier
Electrical Engineer - Dungeness Power Station
Fitter - Balfour Beatty
Panel Builder/Electrician - Genpart UK Ltd.
Sales & Marketing Engineer - Cummins, Trident
Networks Research: BT
Scientific Officer - MOD
Locality Analyst - West Kent NHS (+ Open University Diploma in Statistics)
Programme Installer - Kent Hospital Trust
Research Assistant: University of Kent

IT Consultant - FDM
I.T. Technician - University of Kent
Teacher GTP Scheme: Grammar School/Christ Church
OTHER Employment: Stores Work: Racal, Customer Services Ass't: William Hill, Department Manager: B&Q, Sales Assistant: Game, Steward: P&O Ferries, Officer: Greek Army


Destinations of MSc Broadband and Mobile Communications Graduates in Recent Years

  • Websphere Consultant - Thebes Group
  • Electronic Engineer - DSTL
  • Network Operations Engineer - Prime Tel plc
  • Graduate Engineer: T-Mobile (2 graduates)
  • Software Engineer; Diagnos
  • Software Designer: Beacon Wireless
  • Software Developer: Aurora Kendrick James
  • VLSI designer: Intracom SA
  • SMS Design Engineer: Orange
  • Design Engineer: Energy Solutions
  • Network Engineer+PhD/M.Phil: Forthnet SA
  • Network Administration: Intra Com, Greece
  • Systems Engineer: BAe Systems
  • Systems Manager: NEC Technologies
  • Network Consultant
  • Operations Analyst: Accenture
  • Electronics Assistant
  • Cisco Certified Network Analyst - IT Recruitment Services
  • T-Mobile Graduate Engineer
  • Science Patent Searcher: RWS Ltd
  • Martek - Sales Support
  • Student Officer - RAF
  • Greek Army - Army Officer (several)
  • Research Assistant: University of Kent
  • PhD Electronics - University of Kent (15 graduates)
  • PhD - Munich University
  • PhD - Electronics University of Westminster
  • MBA - University of Kent
  • Employed FT


New postgraduate courses at Kent

Embedded Communications Engineering conversion programme, University of Kent

This MSc-level conversion programme is for graduates with first degrees in numerate disciplines (e.g. Maths, Physics, others with some mathematics to pre-university level should enquire). It aims to produce engineers with the knowledge and skills required for working in the communications industry on programmable hardware, in particular.  There is a high demand for people to fill such roles in communications and test & measure equipment vendors, and in many smaller companies developing devices for the internet of things. The huge growth of interconnected devices expected in the Internet of Things and the goals of flexible, high-speed wireless connections for 5G mobile networks and beyond, require programmable, embedded electronics to play a vital role.  From the development of small, intelligence sensors to the design of large-scale network hardware that can be functionally adaptive in software-defined networking, there is a huge demand for advanced embedded electronics knowledge and skills in the communications sector. www.eda.kent.ac.uk/postgraduate/pg_embeddedcomms.aspx

Integrated Circuit Design Engineering conversion programme, University of Kent

An MSc-level conversion programme for those with first degrees in numerate disciplines (e.g. Maths, Physics, others with some mathematics to pre-university level should enquire). The programme targets producing engineers with knowledge and skills required for designing the integrated circuits which lie at the core of the vast array of consumer electronics of today’s world.  The demand for people to fill such roles is extremely high, in companies (small and large) covering the range of electronics and ICT products, and integrated circuit design companies that supply them. Integrated circuits  have been powering the information revolution for over 50 years.  Continuous innovation has resulted in greater processing power, memory and new devices.  This, together with ever reducing manufacturing costs and reliability, has enabled the mass production of integrated circuits for consumer products that are more powerful han the supercomputers of the 1980s.  While the fabrication technology advances, there is an increasing need for innovative design which can harness the power of these circuits, while taking into account constraints such as requirements for energy efficiency. www.eda.kent.ac.uk/postgraduate/pg_icdesign.aspx


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