Preferred Job Function(s): 1. Software Engineer 2. Analyst Programmer
Surname Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other)
Johnson Mr
Forename Name by which you prefer to be known
Mark Andrew Mark
Home Address Term Address
78 Byron Street
2 Fawley Road
Kent , CT2 1BY
Date of Birth Nationality
6th December 1992 British
Date you are available to join us Geographic Location (Please give any preferences here)
September 2015 I am free to work anywhere in the country, although I would prefer to be based in the London area.
Do you have a current Driver's Licence? YES   Do you need a work permit   NO  

EDUCATION                                            Examinations taken

Before University                

A-Levels, taken 2011:
General Studies A; Mathematics and Statistics C; Physics C; German D

2009 GCSEs
9 passes at grade C or above, including Mathematics (A) and English Language (C)

University/College Dates Main Subjects Results

University of Kent


University of Wessex




MSc. (Conversion) Computer Science
Software Engineering, Computer Networks; Systems Architecture; Human-Computer Interaction

BSc. (Hons) Physics
Astrophysics; Quantum Physics; Nuclear Physics; Mathematics

To be confirmed





Dates Employer Position Held/Duties Achievements
6/2013- 9/2014 TESSA
( Teaching English in sub-Saharan Africa)
Teaching science and English to upper primary school children in Tanzania

Developed independence, initiative and communication skills
6/2012 - 8/2013

Parvin Plastics

Factory Worker

Assembly line work undertaken to raise funds for year out.

6/2012 to 9/2012 Milodom Pharmaceuticals
Computer Operator Responsibility for an
application running on AS/400 and for
presenting the information from this on Excel spreadsheets..
11/2010 to 9/2011 Mammoth Supermarkets
Checkout work and shelf-filling - part-time while at school and full-time during University vacations. Working under pressure; teamwork; customer service.
Explain how you managed to resolve a difficult problem. What solution did you reach?
For my MSc. project I am working with a local building company to design a computer system that will keep track of projects, clients and accounts. Before I could begin to set this up it was necessary for me to develop an understanding of the company and its existing procedures but, although the managing director was keen for the project to be carried out, he always seemed too busy to meet me and discuss the company and the project and three appointments were cancelled at short notice. At this stage, I could have abandoned the project altogether, or asked my superviser to intervene, but I tried another tactic and suggested to the MD that I should work-shadow him for a few days. This allowed me to form an idea of the company and its work, as questions as they arose and hold numerous discussions in the car on the way to sites and clients. This gave me the background I needed to begin the project and also allowed me to form a good working relationship with the MD who was able to see that I was not just a "techie" computer student but somebody who was interested in all aspects of the business.
How have you used your communication skills to persuade others to follow your lead?
During the final year of my physics degree, we were grouped into teams to work on projects. The groups were assigned at random so that we found ourselves working with people who we did not know particularly well and needed to assess one another's strengths and weaknesses quite quickly to divide up the work of the project.

Our project involved designing and building a power meter to measure the output from a high-power pulsed infra-red laser.Each member of the group was assigned responsibility for a specific part of the work and we met weekly to discuss and assess our progress. One member of the group was often absent from these meetings or had failed to produce any work when he did show up. I tried to show him that this was adversely affecting the work - and the degree assessments - of the whole group, not just himself, and this did improve the situation.

He carried out all of the work that had been originally assigned to him, so that although the rest of the group had also made contingency plans for how to complete the task without his contribution this was not necessary.


Specific Evidence
When have you risen to a challenge? Describe your role and any outcomes.
The greatest challenge I have undertaken was my year out teaching and travelling in Africa. I knew that I wanted a year out but that I did not just want to travel but to share in the life of a country and its people. Teaching gave me such an opportunity to put down roots in a community but, as this was a voluntary programme, I needed to raise £_500 in order to take part in this project. I did this by working very long hours in a factory over the summer in order to pay off my student debts and to raise the funds that I needed. I planned my year by reading a great deal about Africa and Tanzania, using websites to research the country and speaking to Tanzanian students at the university. I also asked TESSA, the organisation that arranged the placement, to put me in touch with previous volunteers so that I could pick up tips from them as to the life in Tanzania, the schools and what I should take with me. Despite all this planning I still found that I needed to be very flexible and to adapt to teaching a class of 60 lively ten-year old boys with few text books and even less in the way of scientific equipment. I had to adapt to this lack of resources and to bear in mind that the pupils were learning English at the same time as they were learning science. This experience was the most satisfying of my life.
Extra-Curricular Activities and Interests
Give any evidence of organising, leading, and initiative
I have assisted with lighting for a number of events at the University, from discos to dramatic productions.

In my second year at Wessex I took part in the "Summer University", a voluntary project which brought schoolchildren about to enter their GCSE year onto campus for a week of events, seminars and sampling university life. I was responsible for supervising experiments in the Physics Lab and helped to organise social events in the evenings

I enjoy computer games, programming and designing websites.

At Wessex University I was a member of the Physics Society, the Astronomy Society and the Afro-Caribbean Society. I have had less time to get actively involved in student societies at Wiltshire, as the M.Sc.course is very demanding, but I train regularly with the Karate Club and enjoy going to films on campus.


Other Qualifications/Skills/Experience.
(e.g. foreign languages, computing skills, driving licence)

1. GCSE French, some basic conversational Swahili.

2. Familiar with Windows XP and Vista; Excel; MS-Access; Java, VB.Net and the Internet. I have my own personal home page and have also created web pages for the University Cycling Club.

Why have you chosen to apply to our organisation and the functions for which you have applied? Why should we take you rather than other applicants?
I decided to follow the MSc Conversion Course in Computing because I felt that this would lead to a wide range of career opportunities. During the course I have become particularly interested in software engineering as I feel this is an area which will offer intellectual challenge and job satisfaction through innovation and problem-solving. I have developed good skills in these areas through following two degree courses both of which included project work that required me to work both alone and in teams to solve problems and develop solutions. My vacation work in the IT field has not been at the level I would hope to enter with my Masters degree but did teach me the importance of keeping systems running smoothly when the whole of a large organisation is depending on them and the need for prompt and accurate information in businesses.
I am in good all round health.
Additional Information
As well as the jobs listed above I have also had vacation and part-time jobs in retail, telesales and fruit-picking.
Where did you find out about us? (e.g. newspaper advert)
University Careers Service
Referees (Please give two referees including one academic referee)

Prof. Peter Jones
Head of Department
Dept of Computer Science
University of Kent
Canterbury CT2 7NK
Telephone  01227 764000 ext. 36

Mrs Jill Hones
Previous employer
324 West Road,
Telephone  0200 3450678




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