How to write a Pharmacy CV

This is an example of a high quality science CV for graduates. All the course modules are included, also laboratory experience gained on your degree course and course projects. If you were applying for jobs outside science (e.g. banking) you would probably omit most of your modules (except those including mathematical or computing skills) and laboratory experience.

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A caring, self motivated individual with a passion for helping people and improving their quality of life.  An organized, effective communicator with patients, colleagues and management and an ability to remain calm even in stressful or unexpected circumstances. Sympathetic, caring attitude supportive of those who may be unwell, confused or upset. Confident team player, thriving on challenge and with a positive, cheerful attitude to patient care, clinical practice and academic study.

Achieved 70%+ in each academic year to date showing excellent ability across the board. Adaptable, flexible and willing to learn as well as trustworthy, honest, reliable and looking forward to being part of a team that ensures best possible care and treatment for all patients.


A large font size for the name makes it stand out and easier to find in a pile of CVs

Use a sensible email address. Something like may not make the best impression!

A profile or career objective isn't essential as much of this information would be included in a covering letter. It can be a useful summary particularly if you are sending your CV to recruitment agencies where a letter may become detached. You can also call this a career aim, profile or personal statement.


2006 – 2010  MPharm Pharmacy                      
Medway School of Pharmacy

Practical skills gained during my degree

  • Preparation and identification of nucleic acids and separation by gel filtration, molecular modelling and computer analysis of kinetic data, solid phase & solvent extraction, purification with charcoal, distillation, titrations, Characterisation of thiol groups & separation by gel filtration.
  • IR spectra & analysis, HPLC. Thin Layer Chromatography. NMR. Mass Spectroscopy. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Flame and Graphite furnace mode).

1999 -- 2006             The Rochester Grammar School for Girls  

A Levels -  Biology: B, Chemistry: B, Maths: D 
AS Levels – Physics: D, Critical Thinking: B
GCSEs -  9 GCSEs including English (A) & Maths (A)


Practical skills are especially relevant if your CV is focused towards getting a hospital placement but would be almost completely irrelevant for a focus on gaining a place in community pharmacy.




August 2007            Medway Maritime Hospital NHS
Hospital Pharmacy Placement

  • Assisted with reception duties, received out-patient prescriptions and delivered them to Pharmacist for processing; informed and directed nursing staff when collecting medication or leaving in-patient prescriptions.
  • Answered telephone and collected payment for prescriptions when necessary, and recorded transactions.
  • Learned more about commonly used drugs, including use of Clozapine and Warfarin. Gained insight into the role of hospital pharmacist and the many and varied questions from ward staff that they had to answer.
  • Learned the importance of confidentiality and good interpersonal skills, especially when dealing with patients or relatives who are upset or confused.
  • Learned that it is essential to be well organised in the pharmacy



Evidence of relevant skills, focusing on some of the core competencies needed in pharmaceutical jobs

Fonts are largely down to personal preference, but choose something clear and easy to read. My own preference is for the "Sans" fonts. Lucida Sans or Verdana in 10 points for the body text is a good choice (don't use Comic Sans!). This CV is set in Verdana. Subheadings such as Education and Work Experience can be slightly larger: say 12 or 14 points.


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August 2007            Darent Valley Hospital
Hospital Pharmacy Placement    

  • Developed communication skills  through liaising with ward staff and patients.
  • Learned that it is essential to concentrate on the task in hand until completion
  • Responsible for packaging the drugs for each ward into the appropriate labelled bag, sealing the bag and registering its delivery on the computer system using the automatic electronic scanning system.
  • Responsible for delivering the drugs to the wards and obtaining a signature from the sister on duty who checked the drug delivery.   


October  2004 - November 2006   Maidstone Hospital NHS

  • Befriended patients and relatives who needed extra support
  • Developed good communication skills with a range of patients and hospital staff
  • Used computerised systems for data entry of patient details and learned the importance of confidentiality within a medical/hospital setting
  • Learned to remain calm and show initiative when necessary

Transferable skills are mentioned here. For example, people skills, teamworking skills, communication skills - all valuable evidence that you could employ these in a science setting. This is a good place to use Action Verbs

A nice summary of skills obtained via work experience,

IT skills are important to mention: be specific about which programs you have used.

If you have done a lot of jobs, you can summarise the more routine jobs, rather than filling your CV with lots of irrelevant information.




I am the representative for my degree course at university, presenting students’ views about academic and personal issues to course directors and offering possible solutions. I then give feedback to the students of my course.

One of my favourite pastimes is ice-skating. I enjoy keeping fit including aerobics, yoga, jogging, playing tennis and badminton. I enjoy taking part in charity runs and am currently working towards the Race for Life, fundraising for Cancer Research UK. I also like to listen to music and go to many concerts. I regularly read biographies and love London theatre shows.



Try to show a broad variety of interests and focus more on social and active rather than solitary and passive interests. Serious commitment to at least one activity can be viewed favourably, as will evidence of getting on well with other people e.g. in team sports. Independent or challenging holidays or foreign travel can also look good.

Again, sell your transferable skills here: evidence of leadership, responsibility, and communicating.

Professor Iain Cumming,
Head of School,
Medway School of Pharmacy,
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Email Contact:
Professor Claire Mackie,
Pro- Vice Chancellor, University of Kent ,
Medway Building, Chatham Maritime, Kent   ME4 4AG   
Phone Contact: 01244666667
Email Contact:
Relationship to referee:   Previous Head of School of Pharmacy
  Normally you would give one academic referee (tutor or project supervisor) and one employment referee. See our references page

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