Preferred Job Function(s): 1. Personnel 2. Marketing
Surname Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other)
Archer Ms
Forename Name by which you prefer to be known
Mary Lucinda Lucy
Home Address Term Address
2 Sherwood Close
IF17 7SD
146 London Road
Date of Birth Nationality
6th December 1987 British
Date you are available to join us Geographic Location (Please give any preferences here)
July 2007 I am able to work in any location
Do you have a current Driver's Licence? YES   Do you need a work permit   NO  

EDUCATION                                            Examinations taken

Before University                

2004 - A Levels in History (B), Sociology (B) and Biology (C)

2001/2 GCSEs
9 passes at grade C or above, including Mathematics (A) and English Language (B)

University/College Dates Main Subjects Results
University of Kent 2004-2007

B.A. (Hons.) Psychology and Sociology

Courses included: Interpersonal Behaviour; Group Behaviour; Social Statistics; Business Enterprises  



Dates Employer Position Held/Duties Achievements
June 2006 - August 2006 Tick & Holler,
Assisted with audits in medium-sized chartered accountancy firm: checking receipts/ invoices/stock levels and using computer software packages Learned basic accounting procedures and was able to contribute to the work of the audit team in meeting deadlines.
June. 2005 - Sept. 2005 Camp Weethugsee,
Connecticut, USA
Camp Counsellor for children aged 8-13, organising social and sporting activities Planned and organised activities for a diverse group of lively children; introduced them to volleyball and organised a tournament.
Sept. 2005 to date. The Hogshead and Hedgehog, Canterbury
Bar Person, responsible for customer service, maintaining hygiene and cash handling. Balanced part-time work with study; worked in team and coped under pressure at busy times.
Explain how you managed to resolve a difficult problem. What solution did you reach?
A group of regular drinkers caused frequent trouble in the pub where I worked by becoming drunk and aggressive. As the manager had not witnessed any of these incidents, I collected reports verbally from other bar staff and described the situation to him, He was reluctant to bar these customers but I argued that, as well as intimidating staff, they were losing us custom by giving the pub a bad reputation and he eventually agreed to give them a formal warning that their behaviour would not be tolerated. This was carried out on the next occasion that they caused trouble and improved the situation for a short time, but one evening it became obvious that trouble was once more developing and the manager was again not present. As the senior member of staff on duty it was my responsibility to ask the group to leave. I prepared for this by alerting other staff so that they would be available to back me up and then asked the group to leave and not return, reminding them of the warning that had been issued. One member of the group became angry and threatening but I was assertive and stood my ground. I believe that keeping calm and not arguing or backing down helped to defuse the situation as the group was eventually persuaded to leave. I had expected that I would have to call the police but this proved unnecessary.
How have you used your communication skills to persuade others to follow your lead?
As a camp counsellor I was responsible for a hut housing a group of ten children, helping the children settle in to the camp and encouraging them to join in activities. The hardest part was getting the children to keep the hut tidy and join in the daily "household chores" session - a problem which I found was shared by many other counsellors. We decided to motivate the children by turning this session into an inter-hut competition with a progress chart and prizes and arranged for the camp director to carry out daily inspections. I produced a wallchart to show the points awarded to each hut and explained to the children how the points would be won and lost. The competitive spirit transformed the children's attitude to tidying up as each hut worked as a team to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. There were no more problems with children "disappearing" at clear-up time and parents were amazed to hear how involved their children had become in this activity.


Specific Evidence
When have you risen to a challenge? Describe your role and any outcomes.
When I was elected as social secretary of the volleyball club, the club had just suffered a drastic cut in funding due to savings being implemented by the Students' Union and needed to raise funds for travel to fixtures and new team kit. The committee held a brainstorming session and I suggested holding a 24-hour marathon volleyball game. Players would be sponsored for every half-hour played and, when a player needed a break, any student or staff member could join a team for a charge of £1 per ten minutes. As the chief organiser of this event I negotiated with the University, who allowed us to set up a court on the lawn outside the Administration Building; persuaded people to sponsor us and to join in on the day, and publicised it through the campus media and posters. Two days before the event, a joking remark that our team captain should play in a gorilla suit led to a last-minute search for fancy dress costumes and further negotiations with the Drama department and local costume hire businessess. The match attracted considerable attention on campus - thanks largely to the gorilla suit plus the Viking, the vampire and other outfits, both loaned and created by the wearers - and raised £500.
Extra-Curricular Activities and Interests
Give any evidence of organising, leading, and initiative
I took up volleyball in the sixth form and have played for both the school and university teams. I am also Social Secretary of the university volleyball club, which involves organising the annual dinner and fundraising events.

I enjoy drama and have taken small parts in a number of school and university productions as well as contributing to backstage work.

As the proud owner of a twenty-year-old Mini I have acquired a range of car maintenance skills and often take my car to rallies to meet other Mini owners

I have a great love of travel and have spent several holidays Inter-Railing across Europe with friends. This also enabled me to satisfy other interests such as visiting art galleries and museums and practising my French and Italian

I also enjoy reading nineteenth-century fiction, experimenting with Thai and Malaysian cuisine, aerobics and fell-walking.


Other Qualifications/Skills/Experience.
(e.g. foreign languages, computing skills, driving licence)

1) I obtained an A grade in French and a B in Italian at GCSE and have since developed my knowledge of these languages by regular visits to both countries and by reading newspapers and magazines. This has maintained a good working knowledge and given me an additional insight into French and Italian life and culture.

2) Good working knowledge of MS Word and Excel, Word Perfect and the Internet. I produce all my essays on a word processor and have used the Internet for academic and careers research and to plan holidays.

3) Full clean driving licence held for 3 years; First Aid certificate.

Why have you chosen to apply to our organisation and the functions for which you have applied? Why should we take you rather than other applicants?
I believe that Personnel work will make use of my degree background and my interpersonal skills. My degree course included modules in "Business Enterprises" and "Group Behaviour" which have helped to give me a theoretical understanding of large commercial organisations and the people working in them. I have discussed my career choice with a university careers adviser and with a graduate working as a Human Resources Manager in a large company and this has confirmed my decision. The fundamental skills of a Personnel manager are planning, organisation, communication and negotiation, all of which I have developed through my work experience and extra-curricular activities. I am able to learn quickly and to work with all kinds of people in a variety of situations.
I am in good all round health.
Additional Information
As well as the jobs listed above I have also had vacation and part-time jobs in retail, telesales and fruit-picking.
Where did you find out about us? (e.g. newspaper advert)
Kent University Careers Service Vacancy Lists.
Referees (Please give two referees including one academic referee)
Dr. J. Dixon
Personal Tutor
Dept of Psychology
University of Kent
Canterbury CT2 7NK
Telephone  01227 764000 ext. 36
Mr A.J. Tick
Senior Partner
Tick & Holler
Leger House
21 High St, Iffingham, IF1 2GL
Telephone  01234 450678



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