Dear Sarah,

I am writing in response to your advert in The Guardian (June 15th) requesting applicants for a Television Production Assistant on sports programmes. As a recent 2:1 Comparative Literary Studies and Film graduate with a strong desire to work in television production, and a good knowledge of sport and its media representation, I believe I am a good candidate for the position.

  This covering letter is very focused on the media. Being a competitive area to enter you need a very targeted letter.

You will see from my enclosed CV that I have gained a wide variety of both transferable and specific skills, which relate to working in media:

  • Television experience: my work experience placement as a Runner on Granada TV's CrimeStopper gave me invaluable insight into the television process; with hands on experience of location shooting, studio filming, office work and general Runner duties. My time at Crimestoppers required me to work with policemen, film crews, actors and victims of severe crimes. Clear, concise and often very sensitive communicational skills were required.

  Shows evidence of relevant involvement and experience: important for media jobs.
  • Interest in the Media: My enjoyment and critical interest in the media (television, film, journalism, music, radio and new media) increased markedly throughout my degree, and has continued to grow since then.

  Evidence for relevant interests.
  • Computer skills: During University I expanded my knowledge and confidence of Microsoft programs such as Internet Explorer, Word, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook Express. I actively enjoy researching on the Internet, and have a basic understanding of HTML and Visual Basic. My keyboard speed and accuracy has been increased by my recent database and in-house systems work at BT and Cornhill Insurance.
  Good computing skills are becoming increasingly important and may give you the edge over other applicants. Also many entry-level media jobs such as runner or researcher require you to be a jack-of-all-trades
  • Writing/research skills: My degree has proven my ability to express critical opinions within a sustained argument. A high level of research and analytical reading was essential to reach this standard. The experiences of writing articles/reviews, short film scripts and adapting a play have increased my confidence in these skills.

  The letter is well written, showing good grammar, spelling and a lively style, which may give Hilary an advantage.

I am available to start work immediately and I very much look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Potter


  Ends on a positive note and shows flexibility.


Also see the associated Media CV


“His letter was relevant, not too long and he seemed a rounded person – he travelled, knew about radio and came across as someone who had thought through what they wanted to do”

(a radio station director outlines the reasons for a candidate's success)