Confident Covering Letter


This impressive letter is based on a real letter sent out by an Kent graduate. It demonstrates a lot of self confidence, plus evidence as to why this confidence is well-placed. It would not be suitable for every job and organisation, but it might be very effective in career areas where self-belief was paramount: marketing, advertising, investment banking and consultancy. Something like this could also be used as a personal statement or profile at the top of a CV.


How I set myself apart from my peers.

I open my own doors. When my peers give up, I go on. I have self belief. I believe that I can make a difference to a company; a client; and a colleague. I am committed to success and I am determined to achieve all my goals.

When my peers went to University, I went to New Zealand for a year, aged eighteen. I arrived knowing no one, with limited funds and I made it work. I got a job and saved enough money for a trip all the way round New Zealand.

Whilst working in insurance I also stood out. I was selected over all other staff, to develop home insurance business. Within a month, it had become so successful that a specific home department was created for the very first time and it became one of the most lucrative in the region.

I stand out at University too. Whilst many of my peers are financially dependent on their parents, I entirely unaided, invested in property for financial independence.

Thus in many different aspects, I stand out from my peers. So, if you want your company and your employees to stand out: you need me.

Yours sincerely

Lara Croft

Lara Croft (Miss)



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