Covering Letter for Pupillage


                                                                     10 London Road
1st April 2014

Mr Barnaby Roche
Milton Chambers
London EC4Y 7AA

Dear Mr Roche


Use the recipient’s name if you know it (if you don’t, try phoning the chambers to ask who handles pupillage applications). Make sure that you spell it correctly!

I am a final-year law student at the University of Kent and am writing to apply for a twelve-month pupillage commencing in October 2016.

Through my studies, mini-pupillages and experience at the award-winning Kent Law Clinic, I have developed two key interests within the law: family and employment law. As a significant number of members of Milton Chambers specialise in these areas, I believe that a pupillage with you would offer excellent opportunities to further develop my knowledge and experience.


Most recruiters at the Bar are aware of the reputation of the Kent Law Clinic and experience here is well worth highlighting

Make each application as individual, and as specific to that chambers, as possible. Show that you have done your research, and say why you are applying to them

I have successfully presented a case at the Employment Tribunal, winning compensation for a client who had been unfairly dismissed. Through working on this case I gained an understanding of the importance of meticulous preparation, thorough research and of how best to communicate with my client to gather information and to keep them informed of the progress of their case.

Through my mini-pupillages and marshalling, I learnt the importance of maintaining a sympathetic yet  professional attitude in the difficult and emotional area of family law and of ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of the legal issues involved.


These two paragraphs highlight key points of the candidate’s experience and say what they gained or learned from them. It is important to that show you are aware of what it is like practising law – not just studying it as an academic subject

I believe that I have the ability to succeed at the Bar. I am confident speaking in public but can also relate well to people on an individual basis, whether advising, negotiating or explaining. I am able to handle a number of different tasks simultaneously, as was demonstrated last year when I organised the highly successful Temple Society Law Dinner while completing the final preparations for my appearance at the Employment Tribunal and winning a prize in the annual moot.


Show that you have the skills that will be required at the Bar - – and give evidence of situations where you have used them

Above all, I am committed to a career at the Bar and have made every effort to develop the skills and experience that will enable me to achieve my goal. I hope that you will be able to offer me the opportunity of a pupillage at Milton Chambers and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Lee Galligle


Lee Galligle (Miss)



End letters “Yours sincerely” where you start with a personal name; otherwise “Yours faithfully”.

Your letter is an illustration of your written communication skills and must be top-quality


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