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This is an example of a high quality science CV. All the course modules are included, also laboratory experience gained on your degree course and course projects. If you were applying for jobs outside science (e.g. banking) you would probably omit most of your modules (except those including mathematical or computing skills) and laboratory experience. Also see our Chemistry Careers page, Science Careers page, Science Placement Covering Letter and Science Vacation Placement Covering Letter


Irène Joliot-Curie    

22 Temple Road, Folkestone, Kent CT17 3YU

Email: Mobile: 0339005678 Tel: 0167534768

I am a second year Chemistry student at the University of Kent looking for a 12 month laboratory placement starting next summer. The Kent Chemistry degree has a strong base in analytical chemistry. I achieved an average of 64% in my first year and am strongly self-motivated. I am a very meticulous person, who enjoys a challenge in both practical and analytical areas. My reliability, communication skills, responsibility and friendly nature are other assets I would bring to the job.


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2015-2019 THE UNIVERSITY OF KENT Chemistry BSc (Hons)

1st Year subjects included:
  • Fundamental Organic Chemistry 60%
  • Molecules, Matter and Energy 67%
  • Introduction to Biochemistry 58%
  • Introduction to Forensic Science 82%
  • Skills for Forensic Scientists  65%
  • Medicinal Chemistry 62%
2nd Year
  • Chemical Identification Techniques
  • Materials and Solid State Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • Spectroscopy and Bonding
  • Polymeric and Organic Materials

Practical skills gained so far during my degree:

  • High and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • NMR
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Flame and Graphite furnace mode)
  • Solid phase & solvent extraction,
  • Purification with charcoal, distillation, titrations,
  • IR spectra & analysis,
  • Characterisation of thiol groups & separation by gel filtration

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Modules and practical skills are listed as every science course is slightly different.


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Research Project. “Gas chromatographic analysis of petrol samples”. This project taught me how to manage my own time, to work with great care and attention to detail, to plan and organise a complex piece of work, solve problems that occurred and to write a detailed analytical report.

2008-2015 Folkestone High School

A-levels: Chemistry B, Biology B, Maths C

GCSEs: 8 including Maths and English at grades A to C


Projects are very important if you are going for research work as they are the nearest thing you will have done to real science work. You could sell the skills you had gained here:


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Relevant Experience

July 2015 – Sept 2015 Forensic Investigation Department, Essex Police Force Headquarters.

During this summer placement in Forensic Investigation I worked in the fingerprint department where I observed and undertook numerous administrative tasks.

I also assisted technicians using chemical treatments to obtain fingerprints from all types of materials.  The first assessment I undertook was a visual examination as this is non-destructive.  I then examined materials with glue, dye and ninhydrin. 

I attended the scene of a burglary with the scenes of crime investigator, where I assisted in looking for any fingerprints left by the intruder using aluminium powder and an applicator.  We dusted points of entry, exit and area of disturbance in the house.

Other Experience

Summer 2014 Next Retail (Sales Assistant)

The job entailed working on the busy sales floor, taking deliveries, stock control and dealing with customers with high quality customer care.

September 2015-February 2015 Part-time Sales Adviser in the Cookware Department, BHS.

Duties involved stock taking, ordering of relevant stock from warehouse, arranging stock, displaying sales items, customer assistance and advice, arranging special orders and deliveries, as well as answering telephone enquiries. I was also responsible for my own particular sections of the department and had to ensure they met with the approval of my department store managers.

July 2013 William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, (Work experience)

Duties involved shadowing a doctor on her rheumatology clinics and ward rounds and generally looking after patients.

Other jobs have also included: voluntary care in Folkestone Hospital and assisting in teaching infants at a Primary School.


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Although these are not all science jobs, transferable skills are mentioned here. For example, people skills, teamworking skills, communication skills - all valuable evidence that you could employ these in a science setting. This is a good place to use Action words



If you have done a lot of jobs, you can summarise the more routine jobs, rather than filling your CV with lots of irrelevant information.

All of my work experiences have involved working within a team-based culture. This involved planning, organisation, co-ordination and commitment e.g., in retail, this ensured daily sales targets were met, a fair distribution of tasks and effective communication amongst all staff members.


  A nice summary of skills obtained via work experience,


Research Dissertation Researched both in paper journals and on the Internet and library based research.
Teamwork I have successfully undertaken various team projects within both academic and non-academic environments.
Communication Oral communication skills expressed in presentations and in talking to the general public. Writing skills developed with essay writing. I was also a member of the editorial team for a school science newspaper.
As a sales adviser at BHS, I had to demonstrate knowledge of the different types of items sold and their uses, to be able to respond effectively to customer queries.
My degree course greatly enhanced my written and verbal communication skills due to the many presentations, assignments, posters, essays and projects required.
Willingness to learn I am keen to develop my understanding and acquire new skills through employment.
Problem solving I have the ability to solve problems, tested with continuous problem solving exercises given as assessments, which may require mathematical analysis and evaluation.
Computing skills

Competent using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email & other I.T. applications.


Again more evidence of relevant skills, focusing on some of the core competencies needed in science jobs



Computing skills are important to mention: be specific about which programs you have used.


  • My peers nominated me as course representative for my degree course.
  • At university I was a member of the Badminton Society which I attended weekly and successfully encouraged friends to join. 



Show a broad variety of interests and focus more on social and active rather than solitary and passive interests. Serious commitment to at least one activity can be viewed favourably, as will evidence of getting on well with other people e.g. in team sports. Independent or challenging holidays or foreign travel can also look good.

Again, sell your transferable skills here: evidence of leadership, responsibility, and communicating.

R Franklin (Lecturer in Chemistry)
School of Physical Sciences     
University of Kent
Kent CT2 7NJ

C.S.I. Hackett, Manager
High Street
Folkestone CT17 5RU
  Normally you would give one academic referee (tutor or project supervisor) and one employment referee. See our references page

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