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Thomas Harriot

22 Algonkin Road, Folkestone, Kent CT17 3YU

Email: Mobile: 0339005678 Tel: 0167534768


I am an actuarial science student seeking an organisation that is able to provide a structured and comprehensive programme leading to Fellowship of the Institute of Actuaries.

I have proven analytical, interpersonal and technical aptitudes and possess sound commercial awareness. I am proactive and highly focused with strong investigative skills, an analytical and logical approach to problem solving and am adept at handling and interpreting data.


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2013-2016 THE UNIVERSITY OF KENT Actuarial Science BSc (Hons)

The course is taught by experienced actuaries covering the Core Technical series of the Institute of Actuaries subjects (CT1 - 7) and providing exemptions from the respective professional exams. Current course average - over 70%

Subjects included in year 1:
  • Financial Mathematics (CT-1 76%)
  • Corporate Finance for Actuaries(CT-2 68%)
  • Probability and Statistics for Actuarial Science (CT-3 88%)
  • Business Economics (CT-7 74%)
Currently studying
  • Contingencies 1(CT5),
  • Statistics for Insurance (CT-6),
  • Statistics for Insurance (CT-6)
  • Corporate Finance for Actuaries(CT-2)

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Modules are listed as the Kent Actuarial Science degree has a very strong vocational emphasis.


Project on Financial Modelling

2006 - 2013 St,. Mary's Hall School

    • A Levels : Mathematics (A), Economics (B) and Computer Science (C)
    • GCSEs: 12 including Mathematics (A), English Language (A) and English Literature (B)

Projects are very important if you are going for research work as they are the nearest thing you will have done to real work. You could sell the skills you had gained here:

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Summer 2014 Virginia Retail (Sales Assistant)

In charge of up to 4 members of staff when the store manager was absent. I also had the responsibility of closing the store and dealing with all takings for the day.

September 2012-February 2013 Part-time Crew Member - Roanoke

Duties involved running the kitchen at times under substantial pressure, taking orders and providing customer service at the front desk.

Other jobs have also included: voluntary care in Folkestone Hospital and assisting in teaching infants at a Primary School.



Transferable skills are mentioned here. For example, people skills, teamworking skills, communication skills - all valuable evidence that you could employ these in a financial setting. This is a good place to use Action Verbs

If you have done a lot of jobs, you can summarise the more routine jobs, rather than filling your CV with lots of irrelevant information.

All of my work experiences have involved working within a team-based culture. This involved planning, organisation, co-ordination and commitment e.g., in retail, this ensured daily sales targets were met, a fair distribution of tasks and effective communication amongst all staff members.


  A nice summary of skills obtained via work experience,


Attention to quality I take pride in my work and aim for my highest possible standard. I made the various jobs that I have had enjoyable by setting myself high standards of cleanliness, speed and accuracy.
Teamwork My previous work, especially McDonalds were jobs with high emphasis on teamwork. At McDonalds I often ran the kitchen, which involved me taking the initiative  and learning to co-operate with different types of people. I enjoyed regularly representing my school as part of the Hockey Team.
Communication I learned to establish effective working relationships quickly with people, often very different to me, in the variety of jobs that I have taken on. I have played some sessions as a dj, which gave me confidence in communicating with large groups. The till-work I have done has developed my communication skills with customers in a wide range of moods!
Willingness to learn I have always been a keen learner, and have picked up new systems quickly in my various jobs. I like the way maths fits together and I am enjoying learning how real life problems can be solved with mathematical models. I have always found any new knowledge or skill interesting.
Problem solving

I have a questioning and determined attitude to problems. I would describe myself as a creative and passionate mathematician: once a topic captures my interest I am quick to grasp it and I will question methods and look for new strategies.

Computing skills

Competent using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, email & other I.T. applications. I also have effective knowledge of MAPLE, Minitab and Latex.

My Financial Modelling module, gave an introduction to the actuarial system Prophet, as well as teaching the more complicated financial commands in Excel.



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Again more evidence of relevant skills, focusing on some of the core competencies needed in financial work.



Computing skills are important to mention: be specific about which programs you have used.


  • At school I was a member of the lacrosse team that won the Thanet Cups I continued my involvement in lacrosse at university, representing all three teams. In my final year I was voted Club Secretary by my peers.
  • My peers nominated me as course representative for my degree course.


  Shows you have a life outside maths!

Harry Percy (Lecturer in Actuarial Science)
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science
University of Kent
Kent CT2 7NF

Walter Raleigh, Manager
Threadneedle Street
CT17 5RU
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