How to write an Actor's/Singer's CV


This example CV is specifically designed for performers and is very different from a normal CV. Potential actors need a specialist performer's CV for auditions and casting agencies.

  • A performer's CV should be only one side of A4
  • Have a professional portfolio demonstrating your experience (posters, reviews etc)  to take to an interview or to link to from a web site in your CV. If samples are requested do follow the instructions carefully. See our portfolios page for help with producing one.
  • Be prepared to audition during an interview. Choose your material (and clothes) carefully!



Kiera Daily

Contact: 21a Crescent Road, Canterbury CT2 5JZ
Phone: (01227) 346987
Mobile: 07961 152 349

Joan Trollope Personal Management
124 Wardour Street, London W1 3PU.
(01234) 222 233

Location: South East England

Spotlight number: 1236
Equity number: M3111 55456

picture of actress

You need to include a photograph which is much better than a passport photo! - semi-side on view, careful attention to lighting etc. It's best to have this professionally produced. An 10”x8” black and white photo (head shot) is required for acting or a colour full length photo for presenting jobs.

Include the name and contact details of your agent.

Spotlight is the photographic directory of all actors in UK and is the first place directors look when casting. You can put your CV there. On your CV put your Spotlight page number and also if you are an Equity member.

Height: 6'1" Build: slim Hair: Brown Eyes: Green

Accents: UK South East RP, Geordie, London, Standard American, French,

Role Playing Ages 17- 24

  Your height, colour of hair, eye colour and accents you can speak and sing in are important.


Full Driving Licence, BADC intermediate certificate in Stage Fighting, Horse Riding, Workshop Leader, Chorus Dancing, Skiing, Tennis, Scuba Diving, Computing

Music Skills:

  • Singing: Soprano. Chorus and Solo Singing
  • Instruments: Versatile Guitarist, Piano Grade 4.


  • 2014 - 2015 Mountview Theatre School: Postgraduate Diploma - Acting
  • 2010 - 2014 University of Kent : BA (Hons.) Drama 2:1

Singers need a brief profile to explain their style of singing: opera, musical theatre, popular, plus voice type: soprano, mezzo, baritone or bass. Specify what you want to do and why. Enthusiasm is very important. You can include a well produced & brief CD of your work or it can be linked from a web site. These should be one or two minute samples of your best work. The first should be the best as this may be the only one listened to.

There is no mention of GCSEs or A Levels as education is largely irrelevant, but you should mention the professional training you have received and include details of useable skills e.g. dancing, horse riding etc.




Play Godot Waiting for Godot

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury,

Jason Bloggs
Play Juliet Romeo and Juliet Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury Student Production
Pantomime Rear end of horse Dick Whittington Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury Jenny Frog

TV & Film

Short Film Tom The Search for Dick and Harry

Puerile Productions

Alan Smithee

  List what experience you have: all the productions you have been in, usually divided into film and TV and theatre. Where you have performed: year, type,  role, director/conductor and venue.


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