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Key Skills Required by Computing Employers:
Technical and Business


What skills are you seeking from the graduates you recruit into IT?Picture of angry computer user

Note that technical aptitude comes before technical knowledge - for example, it's more important to be able to learn a new language quickly than to know a particular language. Also that communication skills come top of the list.

Business awareness is also very important: before interviews research how IT is benefiting the organisation, or could be of benefit in terms of cost savings, efficiency, improving market share etc. via e-commerce, the internet etc. Doing this will almost certainly make a very positive impression.


TOP TECHNICAL SKILLS: Computer Weekly Magazine Survey


1. SQL
2. C
3. C#
4. .net
5. ASP
6. SQL Server
7. Java
9. Javascript

10. Oracle
11. C++
12. Linux
13. Unix
14. Visual Basic
15. XML
16. Office
17. Exchange
18. PHP

19. Windows XP
20. J2EE
21. Access
22. Cisco
23. SAP
24. AJAX
25. Focus

  1. Team working and interpersonal skills
  2. Initiative
  3. Analysing and problem solving
  4. Verbal communication
  5. Personal planning and organising
  6. Flexibility
  7. IT skills

Source: Microsoft


IT recruitment levels continue to rise

IT Permanent Software skills advertised







National Computing Centre Benchmark of Salaries and Employment Trends in IT

Skills in Oracle, SAP, .NET, web development, network support, business analysis and project management are in demand. Also VMware skills are in demand as virtualisation technologies become widespread.

In Computer Heaven:

The management is from Intel, the design and construction is done by Apple, the marketing is done by Microsoft, IBM provides the support and Dell determines the pricing.

In Computer Hell:

The management is from Apple, Microsoft does design and construction, IBM handles the marketing, the support is from Dell and Intel sets the price.


Below are the factors that were considered by a computing employer in their annual staff appraisal

  • Technical knowledge. Quick Learner
  • Planning. Establishing priorities and scheduling time. Well organised.
  • Productivity. Professionalism has been defined as "completing projects on time".
  • Quality of work. "On schedule, under budget, works first time!"
  • Self Development. Teaching yourself new skills
  • Communication (oral and written). Presentation skills, Clear, concise and up-to-date documentation.
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving and Judgement. Coming up with effective solutions
  • Innovation and Change. Receptivity to new ideas. "Flexible designs that can withstand last minute changes"
  • Administration. Documentation: "Much of software development involves writing things down and looking them up again"
  • Reliability and Punctuality. Can be counted on to work extra hours when necessary


Skill set required for cloud computing jobs



PROJECT INITIATION: feasibility, costing, bidding.


  • Project Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • DP Manager
  • Senior Systems Analyst
REQUIREMENT DEFINITION: getting staff, defining hardware.


  • Project Manager
  • Systems Analyst/Designer
  • DP Manager
  • Senior Programmer
SYSTEM DESIGN: producing specifications for programmers.


  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Designer
  • Senior Programmer
DEVELOPMENT: programming, testing, documentation.


  • Systems Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Technical Writer
SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION & SUPPORT: installation, training.


  • Installation Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Trainer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Systems Analyst


Computing Jobs

Computing Careers Map

Programmer, software engineer

Applications Programmer. Writes and modifies programs to perform specific tasks (applications) for a variety of technical, commercial and business users. Programs may be tailored to users needs or written as packages which users buy 'off the shelf'.
Systems Programmer. Provides the computer operating systems and standard software services essential to the operation of any computer. Systems programmers are concerned with the interface between the computer and the software used by it, applications programmers with the interface between the software and the user.
Software Engineer. A programmer usually working on large complex pieces of software who uses software "tools" and a systematic approach to produce software which is well documented and modular in structure so that it can be easily updated.

PROFILE: Applications Programmer

INVOLVES: Writing programs to perform applications. Takes a program specification & writing the program using a computer programming language. Tests & 'debugs' the program (removes errors). Writing documentation. Updating existing software.
EMPLOYERS: computer consultancies,computer users, software houses
RELATED JOBS: systems programmer, software engineer, programmer/analyst, systems designer, multimedia designer, IT.consultant.
SATISFACTIONS: Producing a finished product that you have created. The intellectual stimulation of solving difficult technical & logical problems. Informal working environment.
NEGATIVES: Lot of time spent at the computer screen. Not a people orientated job although likely to work in a team. Constantly need to keep up-to-date with new developments in field.
SKILLS: Teamworking, analysing, investigating. attention to detail. Discovering new facts or concepts. Problem solving. Logical reasoning. Creativity. Good technical knowledge. Ability to work to deadlines. Determination.
ADVANCEMENT: Can stay in the technical side, move to software engineer or move into more management related roles such as systems analyst & database administration.
DEGREE: Computer Science/I.T. Graduates in other subjects (especially science/engineering mathematics related) may enter directly but more usually do a postgraduate computing conversion course (see below).
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: MSc Computing (Conversion) for graduates without a computing degree - these usually take any degree subject & are available at many universities.
TIPS: Graduates without a computing degree should do a postgraduate conversion course in computing as mentioned above. Jobs are readily available to those completing these courses

Systems analyst, consultant

Systems Analyst. Investigates business, commercial, industrial and technical data processing problems; analyses information and designs and introduces systems to meet requirements or modifies existing systems for changing needs.
Business Analyst. A systems analyst working on business systems, usually concentrating more on the analyses rather than the technical aspects of systems design. Investigates business and industrial and computing problems; designs and introduces computer systems to meet requirements or modifies existing systems.

PROFILE: Computer Systems Analyst

INVOLVES: Deciding the specifications for new computer systems. investigating computer problems. Analysing information. Designing & implementing computer systems to meet the requirements of users. Specifying equipment & staffing requirements. Modifying existing systems. Testing & evaluating systems. Liaising with programmers.
EMPLOYERS: computer consultancies, computer users, software houses
RELATED JOBS: applications programmers, oftware engineer, programmer/analyst, systems designer, database administrator, operational researcher, IT consultant, multimedia designer.
SATISFACTIONS: Producing a finished product that you have created. The intellectual stimulation of solving difficult technical & logical problems. The varied nature of project-based work.
NEGATIVES: Need to keep constantly up to date with new developments. Sometimes unreasonable expectations of clients.
SKILLS: analysing, cooperating, investigating, listening, written communication, creative problem solving, numeracy, organising, business awareness, persuasiveness, client-handling skills.
ADVANCEMENT: To project leader, computer manager, computer consultant & other roles. Easy to change job & a good platform for progression to IT management roles.
DEGREE: Computer Science/I.T. Graduates in other subjects (especially science/engineering mathematics related) may enter directly but more usually do a postgraduate computing conversion course (see below).
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: MSc Computing (Conversion) for graduates without a computing degree - these usually take any degree subject & are available at many universities.
TIPS: Graduates without a computing degree should do a postgraduate conversion course in computing as mentioned above. Jobs are readily available to those completing these courses.

Computer sales support

Works for computer manufacturers in conjunction with sales representatives, giving technical advice and guidance to customers on all aspects of preparing for and using computer systems.

PROFILE: Computer Sales Support

INVOLVES: Backing up computer sales staff with technical information & support. Demonstrating & presenting products to customers. Making sure that the product meets the customers requirements. Writing sales literature. Writing tenders & proposals. Working out future areas for sales growth.
EMPLOYERS: Computer manufacturers, computer peripheral manufacturers & suppliers.
RELATED JOBS: systems analyst, IT consultant, technical sales & marketing, medical sales representative
SATISFACTIONS: The blend of people contact & working at the forefront of IT. Working in a fast changing environment. Varied work.
NEGATIVES: Quite a lot of pressure. Frequent deadlines to meet.
SKILLS: spoken communication, written communication, persuasiveness, planning & organising, listening, business awareness, customer handling.
ADVANCEMENT: To sales & marketing jobs, IT consultancy or training roles.
DEGREE: Any degree subject, but those with a business or computing content may be preferred.
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: None needed but a postgraduate conversion course in computing or business studies course may prove helpful.
TIPS: Apply to computer manufacturers & computer peripheral manufacturers e.g. printer manufacturers. Quite competitive to enter. Need to make speculative applications using a CV.
For further information see

Database Analyst/Designer

Responsible for the design and implementation of computer databases, making sure they are right for the job.

PROFILE: Database Administrator

Responsible for the maintenance, development & updating of computer databases. Solving the problems of users. Ensuring the information in the database is regularly updated. Helping with the development of new databases as required. Dealing with security & back up issues.
EMPLOYERS: All types of computer user companies.
RELATED JOBS: information scientist, systems analyst, IT consultant
SATISFACTIONS: The intellectual stimulation of solving technical & organisational problems. Advising & liaising with others. Informal working environment.
NEGATIVES: Some work can be routine & requires attention to detail. Lack of formal promotion routes from this job. Some evening & weekend work may be necessary to work on databases when no users are connected.
SKILLS: analysing, cooperating, planning & organising, problem solving, logical thinking.
ADVANCEMENT: There are no formal promotion routes but progression to computer manager & other management roles in I.T. may be possible.
DEGREES: Computer Science/I.T. Graduates in other subjects (especially science/engineering mathematics related) may enter directly but more usually do a postgraduate computing conversion course (see below).
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: MSc Computing (Conversion) for graduates without a computing degree - these usually take any degree subject & are available at many universities - grants are sometimes available.
TIPS: You may need to do a programmer aptitude test. Entrants may start as a programmer or trainee analyst before moving into database admin. Try to gain experience with databases e.g. by doing a project utilising these.

Excellent page on a career as a Database Administrator.

Computer Helpdesk/User Support

PROFILE: Computer Helpdesk/User Support

INVOLVES: investigating computer problems brought to you by computer users. Helping users with their computer problems by phone, email or in person. Explaining solutions to non-technical users in a clear jargon-free manner. Maintaining written or electronic help files on common problems.
4 Large computer users e.g. universities, software houses, computer manufacturers, peripherals (e.g. printer) manufacturers.
RELATED JOBS: applications programmer, systems analyst, IT trainer
SATISFACTIONS: The intellectual stimulation of solving problems. Helping users. The variety of problems faced.
NEGATIVES: Need to keep constantly up to date with new developments. To some extent you have to be a 'Jack of all trades'. Some users can be unreasonable in their demands.
SKILLS: analysing, cooperating, investigating, listening, problem solving.
ADVANCEMENT: This can sometimes be a first IT post & a stepping stone to helpdesk manager or other IT roles.
DEGREE: Computer Science/I.T. Graduates in other subjects (especially science/engineering mathematics related) may enter directly but more usually do a postgraduate computing conversion course (see below).
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: MSc Computing (Conversion) for graduates without a computing degree - these usually take any degree subject & are available at many universities - grants are sometimes available.
TIPS: Graduates without a computing degree should do a postgraduate conversion course in computing as mentioned above. Jobs are readily available to those completing these courses.

Network Administrator

PROFILE: Network Administrator

installs, maintains & develops computer networks. Resolves network faults. Sets up accounts of users. Monitors network traffic. Dealing with security issues.
EMPLOYERS: Most large companies.
RELATED JOBS: software engineer, systems analyst, database administrator.
SATISFACTIONS: Stimulation of solving technical & organisational problems. Advising & liaising with others. Informal work environment.
NEGATIVES: Can be pressure to sort things out quickly if network fails. Some evening/weekend work may be needed when few users are connected.
SKILLS: analysing, cooperating, planning & organising, problem solving, logical thinking.
DEGREES: computing, electronics. Graduates in other subjects usually do a 1 year postgraduate computing conversion course which take any degree subject.
TIPS: Gain experience e.g. by doing a network-related project on your course. May start in a user support role."


Investigates and analyses a client's d. p. needs. Designs, tests and implements a system to meet these needs. Writes new or modifies existing software to run the system. Determines requirements for data processing systems by examining existing procedures. Prepares a feasibility study and cost estimate. Specifies equipment, software and staff requirements. Writes new or adapts existing programmes as necessary. Implements the system through training and testing, writes documentation. Provides support once the system is installed.

Systems Designer

Takes the specification of the requirements of a system from the analyst and designs the system including hardware, software, communications, installation, testing and maintenance. Consults with clients' staff to gather information, identifies the stages, activities and skills involved. Investigates possible solutions, plans and designs system. Makes sure system will do the job, is reliable and secure, and speed and recovery rate are appropriate. Produces documentation. On small systems one person may be responsible for analysis and design.

Systems Engineer

Analyses and designs computer systems including the identification, development and support of systems solutions.

Computer Manager/Data Processing Manager

Responsible for the supply of computer facilities to a range of clients and/or colleagues. Carries overall responsibility for hardware, software and staff necessary to achieve this aim within budget limits.

Forensic computing/computer security

For further information see

Computing researcher

carries out systematic investigation and evaluation of new ideas, theories, materials and processes by application of theoretical knowledge and experimental techniques. Skills required include investigating, exceptional analytical ability shown by high academic achievement, creative problem-solving and communication skills.

Technical author

produces manuals which communicate technical information - e.g. computer software manuals. Skills required include investigating, written communication, languages/IT skills, ability to understand the design and use of systems and sensitivity to customers' needs. For further information see

Patent work

Patent Examiners are responsible for ensuring that applications for patents are within the requirements of the Patents Act and don't infringe the rights of inventors. Patent Agents act as agents for the purposes of obtaining patents world-wide. Skills required include investigating, written communication, analysing and language skills. For further information see



recruit IT consultants, systems analysts, systems designers, project managers and sales staff.

  • Major recruiters of new graduates.
  • Lots of client contact so interpersonal and business skills important.
  • Project based work - move to a new project every few months so constantly learning new skills, but can be a bit unsettling.
  • Focus on "whole solutions" rather than just consultancy.
  • Often international so opportunities to work abroad.


More than 1/4 of tech jobs advertised outside London

Top Software Houses 2008 (Source )

Top 12 World


Top 12 UK

1 Microsoft
3 SAP (incl. Business Objects)
4 Oracle (incl. Hyperion)
5 Symantec
6 HP
8 CA
9 Sage
10 Adobe Systems
11 SAS
12 Autodesk


1 Sage
2 Misys
3 Logica
4 Symbian
5 Autonomy Group (Incl. Zantaz)
6 Reuters Enterprise
8 iSoft
9 Fidessa (incl. LatentZero)
10 SDL
11 Micro Focus
12 Anite


Different Types of IT Consultancy

Accountancy Roots

Software Houses


Systems Integration

E.g. Accenture, KPMG
E.g. Logica
E.g. Accenture, IBM
E.g. Logica
  • Higher salaries but work harder.
  • Have often grown out of accountancy firms. 
  • Project work, based in small or large teams - you generally start out programming but normally move into analysis and project management.
  • More consultancy orientated.
  • More concerned with design and implementation of new systems and provide a wider range of services.
  • More relaxed and informal but still very professional.
  • Typically Finance, Energy, Retail and Defence Divisions
  • Logica - whole solutions not just consultancy.
  • Facilities Management - Taking over a customers DP dept. and running it for them. e.g. Inland
    Revenue, Benefits Agency, General Motors
  • You work in the other organisation's offices as one of their employees, but are paid by the outsourcing company!
  • Growing rapidly: worth £1,000 M annually
  • Economies of scale and savings of 15%: but difficult for a company to change back!
  • Spend most of your time on client's sites, moving from one client to another. So need good interpersonal skills
  • Growth area. Combining hardware and software from different manufacturers in such a way that users get the ideal system for their specific business purposes. e.g. combining ICL computers with Lotus notes.
  • SEMA stress foreign language skills for some jobs



  • Recruit technical sales and marketing staff, research and design engineers.
  • Some are USA/Japan based so sales and after-sales only in UK
  • Characterised by constant change, new and innovative product development, aggressive sales approach, competitive, entrepreneurial.
  • Expect high work rate and commitment but offer excellent working conditions, salaries and career development


Recruit network engineers, software engineers, systems engineers

E.g. BT, Siemens, AT&T, Vodaphone, Thales, BAe Systems, Philips, Nortel, Cisco

  • Often R&D based.


E.g. GCHQ, Qinetiq

  • Often end users and developers at the same time therefore jobs in technical specialisms to customer services.
  • Opportunities in state of the art research and development (e.g. neural networks, A.I., simulator development) but can sometimes be bureaucratic and monolithic


see our new web page on this at

USERS - almost all other organisations.

Require systems managers, database managers, applications programmers, analysts and user support staff. e.g.

  • Application and running of IT systems.
  • Banks - Standard Chartered Bank - high salaries
  • Retailers - Sainsbury, Tesco, John Lewis
  • Energy industry - oil companies/electricity companies



  • 40,000 freelance IT staff in UK
  • Most work as own limited company (they are the MD!) - Inland Revenue prefer this and can't be sued!
  • Most contractors work via an agency - 200 of these. IT departments don’t want to be bombarded with CVs
  • Salaries £50k + (£60k in The City), but tax laws have recently changed, making contracting less rewarding.
  • Need 2-3 years experience first - contracts offered will be determined by previous career history
  • Can join contractors organisation e.g. “Independent Computer Contractors Specialist Group” of the BCS.


  • Pay your own pension
  • No sick or holiday pay.
  • Can be fired at short notice, therefore pressure to perform well when you begin a new contract.
  • No pay between contracts some of which may be short - 2 months to 10 years long!
  • No training to update skills.
  • Have to go wherever the work is.
  • First to be sacked in a recession!

Undergraduate Destinations from the University of Kent


Destinations of Kent Computer Science graduates

Computing Careers Chart Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers Physics careers


The average starting salary of first degree 2009 University of Kent computer science graduateswas about £27,000. Highest salaries were with investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Barclay's Capital where several graduates started at £50,000. Lowest starting salaries tend to be in smaller firms outside London in roles such as web design.

Destinations of Computer Science (Year in Industry) Graduates taken 6 months after graduation

These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including postgraduates  can be found at


  • MSc MSc Distributed Systems & Networks: Kent (4), MSc Information Security & Biometrics: Kent (4), MSc Digital Visual Effects - Kent, MSc Computer Animation: Bournemouth, MSc Advance Computing: Imperial, MSc International Management: Exeter, MSc Management Science - Kent, MSc Management & Finance: Southampton, MSc Investment Management: Birmingham, MSc Computing: Bath University, MSc Information Systems: Hertfordshire University MSc Computer Games & Entertainment - Goldsmiths
  • MSc Research, Computer Science - Kent (2)
  • PhD Computer Science: Kent (10), Nottingham, York, M.Phil in Computational Biology - Cambridge
  • Software Engineer: Nokia (2), BAe Systems (11), Accenture Technology Sol'ns (11), Accenture (2), BAe Systems Insyte (2), IBM (4), Thales (2), University of Kent, Microsoft, DSTL, Caplin Systems,Select Software, Nexor, Symbian, CGI, 3Com, Brittania, T-Mobile, Envisional (web monitoring), CueSim, Yolus, A&R Cambridge, Sun, Multimedia Mapping, Alenia Marconi Systems, Pfizer,, Marconi, Selex Galileo, Fidessa, Kinetic Solutions, IOS Development, Sophos, BAE Systems, BT (2)
  • Programmer: Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Trax, Johnsons Controls, EDS, Goldman Sachs, Atlante Virtual, Exact Abacus, Fortek, Cognitran, Acceleron, Accenture
  • Java Programmer: Red Bite Solutions
  • Software Developer: Renault Formula 1 Team, SciVisum,, IDOM Consulting (2), Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, JP Morgan,, FlexTrade, IDL, Thales, Storepoint, Xela, Accenture, TaskCare, AMS, IBM (2) , Vodaphone, Markit Partners, Nomura, Prometric , BSkyB, System C, Commdea, Seventh Chamber, THe Group, IDR Solutions, Shop Cade, ThoughtWorks, Moodkie Interactive,
    Windows Mobile Software Developer
    - Crimson Tide
  • Java Developer: P & O Ferries Dover (2). Systems Developer: Framestore, Holday Extras, BSkyB
  • Systems Engineer: Phillips Research Labs
  • IT Consultant: CGI (5), Prolifics (3), Detica (4), Accenture, Prolifics, Microgen, Business Collaborator, Fidessa (2), Accenture Technology Solutions, PortalTech, Servisys, Trayport Ltd, Mendix, Capacitas, IBM
  • IT Analyst: Accenture (4), Morgan Stanley (4), Merrill Lynch, Holiday Extras (2), Logica, Intel, Barclays Capital (2), Goldman Sachs, Arup, House of Fraser, Eli Lilly, Schroders, E Sussex County Council, Qinetiq, Metropolitan Police, Essex & Suffolk Water, Concept Software Ltd
  • Technology Analyst: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citibank
  • Graduate Trainee: Credit Suisse IT, Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley,
  • Project Manager: Morgan Stanley,Tag Worldwide
  • Technology Masters Programme: American Express (+ funded MSc ECommerce: Sussex U 2)
  • Technical Graduate - Microsoft, Sky IQ
  • Analyst/Programmer: House of Fraser (2)
  • Web Programmer/Developer/Designer: University of Kent (2), Strategies, Sun, Essex County Council, Holiday Extras (web Template Builder) Bean TV, ChilliBean, Guru, G-Forces,, Citi, CCTV Center, Abacus Media, Kent County Council, Wow Company, Yo Yo Design
  • Web Content Editor: Norton Rose
  • Template Builder: Holiday Extras
  • First Line Engineer: Kent County Council
  • Project Leader/Manager: TWI,  Vodafone, British Rowing
  • IT Trainee: American Express (+MSc ECommerce: Sussex Univ.)
  • Design Engineer: T-Mobile, Phillips Research Labs
  • Head of Programming: Trax UK
  • Researcher: University of Kent (2), 4th Wave Technologies
  • Graduate Trainee Problem Solver: Lockheed Martin
  • Security Consultant: 7 Safe Information
  • SAP Business Integrator: Eli Lilly
  • IT Support: University of Kent (2) , PWC, Air Atlanta Icelandic, Morgan Stanley, Rogee Global Partners plc
  • Support Engineer: Unique Interactive (2)
  • Head of Financial IT Systems: Waites
  • Trading Systems Engineer: Mann Investment
  • Labs Tester: VNU Business Publications
  • Quality Assurance: Select Software
  • Training Officer: Microsoft
  • Internet Specialist: Network Advantage
  • Systems Administrator: University of Southampton, Ioko, Intel Corporation Ireland
  • Network Administrator: HM Land Registry, Grammar School
  • Network Engineer: Nortel
  • Network Security Analyst: GCHQ
  • Server Manager - Civicboom
  • Design Engineer: Evertz Microsystems Ltd
  • Document Designer: RBS Insurance
  • Marketing Engineer: Intel,Technical Pre-Sales Specialist - IBM
  • Selestia Dealing Administrator: JP Morgan Chase (Bank)
  • Publishing Applications Specialist: Miles 33 Publishing
  • Computer Technician: Cisco, Enfield College


SELF EMPLOYED Support Analyst: GSK, IT Contractor: NHS, IT Consultant: Sun, Software Engineer (Freelance), Freelance Web Designer/Photographer: Chain Reaction Systems. Programmer: London Coins Group. Marketing Director:, Managing Director: Smush Software, Director: Consultancy (2), Technical Director - Lenton & Lenton

Destinations of Kent Computer Science Graduates (taken 6 months after graduation)

These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including POSTGRADUATES and COMPUTING JOINT DEGREES such as computing plus business or film can be found at

  • MSc MSc-T Advanced Computer Sci. - Kent (3), MSc Computing Entrepreneurship. - Kent, Distributed Systems: Kent (8), Computer Science: Kent (8), Reading, Surrey, New York Univ., Christ Church, Open University, RWTH Aachen Univ. Information Security & Biometrics: Kent, Internet Technology & Security: Bristol. MSc Information Security - Royal Holloway, Biomedical Imaging: Kent Computer Animation: Kent, Advanced Computing: Kings College London, Info. Systems: University of Paisley, International Business Management - Kent. E-Commerce: Middlesex University, Accountancy and Finance: Kingston, Statistics: Kent MRes Computer Vision: UCL,
  • PhD Computer Science: Kent (12), UCL, Univ. of Bedfordshire, PhD Systems Biology - Univ. of Kent
  • Teacher Training PGCE Secondary ICT: Christ Church (2)
  • Other Study BSc Computer Graphics: UEA, TEFL Course: Language Link. Law degree: Herfordshire Univ.
  • Web Progammer/Developer:, Miniature University of Kent, Timebank (Charity), Kent Messenger Group, Jagex, Towers Perrin, Institute of Financial Services Canterbury, Christ Church College, MCM Net, Holiday Extras, FXHome Ltd, IsRightHere
  • Web Testing Technician - SciVisum Ltd
  • Computing Helpdesk/Officer Kent (5), Information Services Ass't - Univ. of Kent, IT Services Technician - Univ. for the Creative Arts, Information Technician - NHS
  • IT Consultant: CGI (2), Unisys (2), 3D Marketing Group, South Bank Systems, Noyer UK, Core Financial Services, Webway One Security, EMC, 1Spatial, Elmstone Systems, FDM Academy, Systdoc
  • IT Graduate Trainee: Morgan Stanley, Reuters, Panasonic, American Express (+MSc ECommerce: Sussex Univ. - 2 grads), Ford, NHS Trust, BOC Distribution
  • Programmer: Fidessa, UK Procure, Ashford Applications, Virtual Fusion, Sapient, IBM, Membex, Intergraph, St.Martins Property Development, MASC Communications, Fishers Clinical, Pentec, Smart Stream, Prudential
  • Software Engineers: Nokia, Accenture, Symbian, CGI, Ashridge New Media. AMS, Indecca, Stark Software International, Siemens, AMS, First Option, Data Device Corporation, Bristol LEA, Kobalt
  • Systems Engineer - Newspaper Licensing Agency
  • Analyst: CGI, Fraser Williams, Drive, Barclays Capital, PBI International, MItsubishi Securities,Software Analyst: XN Corp, Frontline Analyst: NCR, Content Analyst: First Alternative, Siebel Analyst: HP, Database Analyst: Tesco. Network Support Analyst: JMD Insurance, Support Analyst: Access Group
  • Internet Engineer: ADM Computing (Canterbury)
  • Research Engineer: Phillips, Design Engineer: Imagination Technologies
  • Developer: BAe Systems (2), Frazer Williams (2), Mitsubishi Securities International, Siemens Enterprise Communications, P & O Ferries Dover (2), Fidessa, TabXML, Online Creative Communications, Mount Focus Information Systems, Richwap Ltd, PWC, Bromley Council, Kika Multi-Media, BT, Crown Mortgage Management, KDM Analytics, Colbalt Telephone Technologies, Arbor Electronics, Civicboom
  • Java Developer: Royal Bank of Scotland, Itao, Cognitran, GTI Media
  • Android Developer - Spinhalf
  • Systems Administrators: Redstor, Credit Suisse Bank, Bayer, Lehman Brothers
  • Database Administrator: Proctor & Gamble
  • MTS Administrator - IBM
  • IT Support: University of Kent, Kent County Council, Small Business Installations, Our IT Dep't Ltd, UCLES, Fujitsu, Sony Pictures, GGP, E.Sussex County Council, Microsoft, Cap Gemini Ernst Young, Butterworths, Support Analyst: T-Mobile. Application Support - Tribal, Technical Support Officer - UK2
  • Computer Games: Software Engineer: Jagex, Programmer: Jagex, Free Radical Designs, Designer: Ubisoft, Games Tester: EA, TV Newsdesk, Multimedia Producer: SAE France, Games Buyer
  • Network Engineer/Manager: Barclay Alexander Insurance, Gibraltar Telecom, Chiltern District Council, Foreign Office, Christ Church College
  • Computer Technician: Rutherford Appleton Labs, Dover College, EDS, University of Kent (Research Technician), Glennsound Electronics, Site Wizard (helpdesk technician)
  • Product Builder: Rubicon Corporation
  • Research Scientist: Qinetiq, DSTL
  • Technical Advisor: Vodaphone
  • Technical Marketing: Sun
  • IT Administrator & Tutor - Rochester Independent College, Learning Support Assistant: school, English Language Ass't,
  • Sales Executive: Network Utilities , Graduate Sales Advisor: CMS
  • HR Rothschild Investment Bank
    Trainee Accountant: West & Co., Insurance Claims Investigator: WNS,
    Relationship Mngr - Santander UK plc
    RAF Officer
    Trainee Scuba Diving Instructor, Security Guard, Call Centre Operator, Sales Assistant, Theatre Usher, Fascia & Gutter Installer, The Co-op - Store Supervisor, Halfords - Bike Mechanic
SELF EMPLOYED e.g. Consultancy Services, IT Consultant, Contractor: C Med, Technical Director: Mobile Co., Computer Games Developer, IT Developer & Designer - Socialance


Destinations of Computer Science & Business Administration Graduates (including Year in Industry graduates) and Business Computing graduates taken 6 months after graduation

These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including postgraduates  can be found at

  • MSc Computer Science: Kent (2), UCL , International Business Management: Kent, Business: Kent, WarwickInformation Systems: City University,
    Prof. Cert. in Marketing
    CIM - London School of Bus & Finance
  • PhD Computer Science: Kent (2)
  • Graduate trainee: IBM
  • Consultant: NCI, CGI
  • Senior Systems Analyst - Histon House Ltd.
  • Software Engineer: Controlstar Systems,
  • Systems Manager - IBM
  • Senior Advisor : RM
  • Web Designer/Developer: Cornish Web Services, VYRE
  • Software Developer: Visionoss, Factset, Java Developer - P & O Ferries, Dover
  • Programmer: Accenture, Java Programmer: BT
  • Desk Engineer - Amelco Service
  • Project Coordinator: BT, Casey Holland
  • Media Assistant: Initiative
  • Testing Specialist: IMS Health
  • Information Analyst: EBS (finance), Technical Analyst: BT (+MSc Networks: UCL), Helpdesk Analyst : L&S Securities, Performance Analyst - NHS, Business Anayst: Citigroup, IT Bus. Analyst - Cummins Inc., Support Analyst - Right Management
  • Account Technology Strategist: Microsoft
  • Graduate Trainee Procurement: BAe
  • Computing Officer: Civil Service, Barnardos
  • Software Trainer - BMI Healthcare
  • IT Support: InstantOn IT, M.W. Kellogg
  • Technical Sales Consultant: IBM, Sales Advisor: Eonmobil
  • Marketing Executive: Crown Group , Reuters
  • Network Administrator: Chaucer College
  • Acount Manager: Microsoft, Account Executive - Experian Cheetahmail
  • Administrative Officer: Inland Revenue
  • Trader:Financial Trader: City Index
  • Retail Manager: Sainsbury, Lidl (District Manager), Tesco
  • Trainee Manager: MacDonalds
  • Administrative Officer - Ministry of Justice
    Commercial Manager - Euro Alloys Ltd.
  • Political Risk Insurance Broker: JLT
  • Bank Management Trainee: Lloyds TSB, Barclays Advisor, Nationwide - Customer Account Manager
  • HR Management Trainee: Yahoo
  • OTHER EMPLOYMENT: Special Constable: Police, Greek Army (3), Admissions Assistant: Christ Church University, Officer Support - HMP Swaleside, Catering Ass't: Origins , Aylett Nursuries: Shrub Ass't , Sales Ass't: Superdrug
SELF EMPLOYED Internet Solutions Provider, Director:, Managing Director: Herbal Pills, Future Trader: Schneider Trading Associates,


Web Computing

Web Comp. +year in Industry Employed FT Media Ingenuitu Junior Web Developer
Web Comp. +year in Industry Employed FT Tickbox Marketing Ltd. Graduate Developer
Web Comp. +year in Industry Employed FT Clear Books Ltd. Senior Developer/Designer
Web Comp. +year in Industry Employed FT Mojo Web Designer & Developer
Web Computing Employed FT e-Dialog HTML Developer
Web Computing Employed FT Web Developer
Web Comp. + year in Industry Employed FT Design UK Web Developer
Web Comp. + year in Industry Employed FT Morgan Stanley Technology Associate
Web Computing Employed FT Fruitbowl Media Account Mngr
Web Computing Self Employed   Web Developer
Web Computing Self Employed CEG Prod'ns Director
Web Comp. + year in Industry Employed FT IBM UK Infrastructure Specialist
Web Comp. + year in Industry Employed FT Green Hat Software Ltd. Software Developer
Web Computing BSc Employed FT Junior Developer Kingsbridge Professional Solutions
Web Computing BSc Employed FT Senior IT Service Desk Analyst University of Kent
Web Computing+Year Industry BSc Employed FT IT Professional QAS Experian
Web Computing+Year Industry BSc Employed FT Junior Ruby Developer Chillibean
Web Computing+Year Industry BSc Employed FT IT Desktop Support New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)


Postgraduate destinations from the University of Kent

Destinations of MSc Computer Science Graduates in Recent Years

  • Students from this course tend to do well in the job market, the intensive nature of the course being appreciated by employers.
  • Because the course gives a very broad base of computer skills students can enter a wide range of IT jobs, but tend to especially succeed in people orientated IT jobs such as systems analysis, consultancy and user support . This is because students come in with a wide range of first degrees and often are more mature in terms of age and have often worked in several jobs before entering the course - they thus tend to have enhanced interpersonal skills and business awareness over that of many first degree IT students.
  • The extended project at the end of the course can enhance employability if chosen with a careful orientation towards the skills required for a particular job.
  • Since there are few large IT employers in East Kent, students who need to stay in this area may need to be flexible to obtain relevant work locally. See our Kent Employers page


  • Client Services Technician - dot Digital Group
  • Research Fellow - Univ. of Cambridge
  • Systems Integration Analyst - Lockheed Martin
  • Computer Consultant: Logica (2), ANITE Consultancy, Advance Environmental, SAP Dublin, Cap Gemini
  • eBusiness Consultant: Oracle Corporation UK
  • International Technical Consultant: Digital Applications
  • Systems Analyst: GCHQ, Accenture Gmbh
  • Programmer: Blue 5Z, Insurasoft, University of Kent, Earth.Com, South Bank Systems
  • Java Programmer: RI £K
  • Software Developer: European Commission, Siemens. Mitsubishi Securities, Systems C Healthcare, Pagesuite Ltd.
  • IT Co-ordinator - University of Kent
  • Software Engineer: IBM,Fortent, Semantico Ltd, Moko
  • Systems Engineer: Cisco Systems, Playground Games
  • Database Developer: Consult GB
  • Analyst/Programmer: South Bank Systems, BT
  • Technical Officer: Sinoserve Ltd
  • Test Team Leader: Logica
  • Software Test Analyst: P & O Ferries
  • Multimedia Developer: Vision 360
  • Technical Editor: Init Gmbtt
  • Trainee Patent Attorney: D. Young & Co
  • Technology Manager: Samsung Research Institute
  • IT Professional: Ford Motor Company
  • Account Executive: Empower Comm.
  • Development Officer: R.N.I.B.
  • Fraud Investigator: Australia
  • Kent Union Administrator
  • Marketing/Media Webmaster: Datapulse Ltd
  • Office Administrator: Need More Time (Virtual Office)
  • Researcher: University of Kingston
  • Research Assistant: UKC
  • Medical Secretary: Profile (Recruitment Agency)
  • Technical Support Engineer: Trophy Radiologie
  • Sourcing Administrator: GE Frankona RE
  • International Programme Manager: Modus Media
  • Study Engineer: Steria Group
  • Computational Biologist: The Institute of Food Research
  • Trainee Manager: Audata Ltd
  • Validation Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Immigration Officer: Home Office
  • Teacher ICT: Norton Knatchbull School
  • Learning Facilitator (Library): Barton Peveril College
  • IT Instructor: South Kent College
  • Multimedia Lab. Technician: University of Gloucestershire
  • Finance Assistant: The Young Vic Theatre
  • Trainee Court Reporter Self-employed: Smith Bernal Wordwave
  • Greek Army: Military Service
  • PhD/M.Phil+Disability Support Ass't: University of Kent
  • PhD: UKC

Destinations of MSc Distributed Systems and Networks Graduates in Recent Years

  • Technical Support Analyst - Commidea Ltd.
  • Junior Net Developer - Commidea
  • Application Maintenance Analyst - BAG Networks
  • Programmer - Renesas
  • Java Programmer - Guangzhou Cloud I.T.
  • Network Engineer: Dante
  • Researcher - BT
  • Network Designer: BT
  • Systems Integration Engineer: Cisco Systems
  • Project Engineer: Cisco Systems
  • Design Engineer: Global Crossing UK
  • Graduate Engineer: Global Crossing UK, Symbian
  • Support Engineer: Sun Microsystems
  • Software Engineer: Intel, Oracle, IBM - Greece, Telspec, Atcom, Kogun
  • Programmer: Attention to Detail, NEC, Reuters, University of Kent
  • R & D Engineer: Hewlett Packard, Germany
  • Software Developer: Colonial Financial Services
  • IT Consultant: Logica, Accenture, ICL, Data Interchange
  • Internet Administrator: South Bank College
  • IT Director: John Allen Consulting
  • Researcher: Qinetiq, BT Research Labs
  • Network Researcher: BT Research Labs
  • Applications Engineer: BT Research Labs
  • Grid Software Dev't & Support/System Admin.: Sci. Technology Facilities Council
  • Web Developer: University of Kent
  • Distributed Systems Engineer: BT
  • IT trainee: Ballast plc
  • Lecturer Christ Church University
  • Greek Army: Army Officer (several)
  • Teaching Company Associate: University of Kent
  • PhD Computer Science: University of Kent (5 graduates)
  • MPhil. Software Engineering: University of Southampton


Computing and Electronics Vacation Work

Also see our placements page

A good sandwich placement brings huge benefits in terms of work experience, employability and even academic results (see here for a list of these) and I would strongly recommend you consider doing one. Even a shorter summer placement can bring great benefits.

Many of the following organisations may sometimes offer placements. Check their web sites from early in the the Autumn term onwards as closing dates are often early.

You will need a good CV. See the example at and covering letter

Users: collective term for those who use computers. Users are divided into three types: novice, intermediate and expert.
Novice Users: people who are afraid that simply pressing a key might break their computer.
Intermediate Users: people who don't know how to fix their computer after they've just pressed a key that broke it.
Expert Users: people who break other people's computers.

For help with interviews for computing jobs see

You will need a good CV and covering letter: see and our computing interviews page

  • The STEP programme offers the chance to get involved in project work that will help small/medium-sized employers organisations to develop. There are over 1400 paid projects over the summer vacation open to students of any subject (many are science and IT related).
  • See our Work Experience page and Vacancy Database which has a section on summer work and placements.
  • IAESTE paid course-related work placements abroad for students in science, engineering, technology.
  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London not for profit organisation that provides outstanding penultimate year under-graduate students from under-represented ethnic minority backgrounds with a unique opportunity to gain summer internships at some of the most prestigious firms in investment banking, technology and corporate law. Also offer a "Fast Track for Investment Banking" programme aimed at first year students.
  • Check with your department: sometimes students are needed to carry out paid summer vacation projects in the university labs.

Many of the following organisations may SOMETIMES offer placements. Check their web sites from the Autumn term onwards as closing dates are often early.

  • "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."

    Popular Mechanics Magazine (1949)

    BAe Systems
  • BBC Vacation Scheme
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Agency
  • edf Energy
  • BT
  • Metaswitch
  • Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
  • Philips Research

    Helpdesk: Double click on "My Computer"
    User: I can't see your computer.
    Helpdesk: No, double click on "My Computer" on your computer.
    User: Huh?
    Helpdesk: There is an icon on your computer labeled "My Computer". Double click on it.
    User: What's your computer doing on mine?

  • Qinetiq (an agency of the Ministry of Defence)
  • Reuters
  • Ricardo AEA
  • Rolls Royce
  • Thales 
  • Holroyd Precision Ltd Offer summer placements centred around defined projects with the student complimenting an existing team of specialists to complete and deliver a set piece of work. The student is provided with the necessary training and support to complete any given tasks. Typically placements are between 8 to 12 weeks and are offered during the University summer break between July and September. The company looks for high achieving students, studying on BEng in Mechanical or Electronic Engineering or similar, who have a passion for engineering and can demonstrate strong problem solving skills. The availability of placements are dependent on the projects we are currently undertaking however we always welcome applications from both graduates and undergraduates. Electronic engineering plays a major role in developing the CNC systems and controls used to operate the machine tools produced.



Useful Information Sources and General IT Links 

  • Association of Consulting Engineers
  • British Computer Society professional body for those working in IT. 65,000 members in more than 100 countries. Qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP).
  • The Engineering Council
  • National Computing Centre
  • Freelancing. Working as a self employed contractor is excellent in times of economic boom, but a bit risky when times are tough as they are now, as you are the easiest person to get rid of, also it can be hard to find new work in a recession.

IT and Electronics Employers

Also see the physics links section for related employers

IT Recruitment Agencies

  • TAG offices in Bromley, and Canterbury shortly. Recruit for a number of East Kent businesses. Authorised Job Centre Plus agent offering advice and assistance in finding new employment to unemployed IT and technical professionals.
  • Guru Kent based IT and New Media Recruitment Agency.
  • specialise in IT related positions. Currently have over 1200 graduate jobs and programmes from companies such as Deloitte, CapGemini, Microsoft and Google.
  • Gradcracker careers for graduate engineers.
  • Cititec IT Recruitment financial IT recruitment for investment banks
  • IC-Resources Microelectronics recruitment - independent design houses and pre IPO start ups to major blue chip semiconductor companies throughout the UK, as well as mainland Europe & USA. Job opportunities in ASIC Design ( VHDL, Verilog ), Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF IC Design, CAD/EDA , ASIC Design Management, IC Layout, Product Engineering, Applications Engineering, Semiconductor Sales , Marketing & Account Management.
  • specialist telecoms jobs board, operating in mobile telecoms and wireless computing.
  • IT IT Jobs in UK & Europe. Upload your CV.
  • Technojobs specialist technical IT job site: graduate jobs, jobs in kent and across the UK permanent and contracting.


Bruce Woodcock: Careers Adviser for Computer Science

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