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Here you will discover what Chemistry graduates from the University of Kent have gone on to do after completing their degree. Chemistry graduates can enter a very wide range of careers both inside and outside science. Once you have read this page you may like to take things further, by coming to look round the Careers Centre (in Keynes Driveway).

Bruce Woodcock - Careers Adviser for Chemistry


These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-present) including postgraduates can be found at 

  • MSc MSc Chemistry - Kent (lots!), Imperial; MSc Cosmetics & Perfumery - ISIPCA, MSc Biochemistry UKC, MSc Food Production Management - Nottingham U., MSc Food Technology - Reading (2), MSc Forensic Science - Kings, MSc Computer Science - UKC (several), MBA - Cardiff
  • PhD/MPhil PhD Chemistry - Kent (lots), Imperial (2), Manchester U. (2), Oxford, Royal Institution, Bath, Greenwich (2), Cambridge, Southampton, UCL, Aston; PhD Organic Synthesis - Reading; PhD Organic Chemistry - Leicester, UEA; PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Bristol, Nottingham; PhD Environmental Chemistry - Greenwich, PhD Colour Chemistry - Leeds, MPhil Biochemistry - Kent (2),
  • Pg Diploma Chemistry - Kent (2), Environmental Science - UKC, Diploma in Chinese Medicine
  • Teacher Training e.g. PGCE Science - Christ Church College Canterbury (several), Oxford , St. Mark & St. John

Science-related employment

  • Research: Research Assoc (+PhD Nuclear Medicine) - Kings College London, Research Ass't (+PhD Nanobiotechnology) - Kent, Research Chemist - Croda, Organic Research Chemist - Tripos Receptor Research, Research Chemist - Kudos Pharmaceuticals, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Coty Manufacturing, Astra-Zeneca; Development Chemist - Polycell, Chemist - AWE,
  • Analytical/Quality Science: Chemical Analyst - Laboratory of the Government Chemist, Abbot Laboratories (Sheerness), R.P. Scherer; Stability Analyst - Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Analytical Scientist - GSK, Product Support - Abbott Laboratories; Quality Assurance Ass't - Quest, Quality Analyst - Martindale Pharmaceuticals, Lab Assistant - PepsiCo,
  • Other Science: Clinical Researcher - Charterhouse Clinical; Regulatory Adviser - Peter Fisk Associates; Data Researcher - Laing and Buisson; Anachem - sales specialist; Medical Sales Representative - GSK, Park Davis, Astra-Zeneca; Environmental Protection - oil refinery; SRG Labstaff; Science Technician - School, Technical Adviser - Roquet, Health Promotion Adviser - NAG

Computing-related employment.

  • e.g. Helpdesk - BT; Internet Security - NTA, IT Technician - Canrian Dreams

Other employment.

  • Paralegal - Tyler Roxburgh & Co., Claims Handler - Cornish Mutual Assurance, Buyer - SKB; Recruitment Consultant - Hayes; Supervisor - night-club; Sales Assistant - sports shop, Nurse - E. Kent NHS


Postgraduate Study. Over 30% of Chemistry graduates from Kent have opted to do postgraduate study for a PhD or Masters degree in recent years. This is partly because grants are more easily available in the Sciences for postgraduate study than in the Arts or Social Sciences. It should be remembered though that postgraduate study is not an easy option and research for a PhD will require dedication and determination to see things through over a period of 3 or more years - especially when experiments are not going right!. See


For details of the wide range of science careers available including research, medicine, laboratory science, science teaching, medical sales, information technology, patent work, bioinformatics etc. see

Royal Society of Chemistry.

Molecules with silly names

Find out all about arsole, bastardane, megaphone, ununium, traumatic, diabolic, angelic, commic and erotic acids, sexithiophene, crapinon, nonose pubescine, windowpane and draculin and many other molecules on Paul May's brilliant web site: produces Chemistry World This has jobs section on-line which includes vacancies, helpsheets, profiles and details of events.
They also offer to members: personal advice: mock interviews at conferences, regional careers surgeries, a confidential telephone advice line and opportunities for personal consultations. They are establishing a network of members who are willing to offer support/advice/information to young chemists.

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Nitrogen: bringer of life & death

Nitrogen is one of the most paradoxical elements in the periodic table. Flames are extinguished and animals die in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen - so it was once known as "azote", Greek for "lifeless". And yet this colourless, odourless gas, making up 78% of the atmosphere, has a highly explosive nature. See BBC article on Nitrogen


The periodic table


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