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Pantomime Horse

As you consider your next steps, you may find the following starting points useful. Working with animals can be a very rewarding career and there are many different kinds of employment, work experience and voluntary placements available. However, competition for places is fierce and it is important to consider what type of work is most suited to you, and what areas you interest you. You may also be interested in further study.

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Ben ‐ Assistant Zoo Registrar (Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree). Graduate Career Story from HECSU

How did you become an assistant zoo registrar?

‘I spent a number of years in casual posts working in the education department at my local zoo and made lots of contacts in the field. I then volunteered in my current job until I was given more responsibility and the position was made into a paid role in August 2010.’

How have you drawn on the experience you gained at university in your subsequent work?

‘My subject knowledge (in animal welfare and conservation) has been hugely important, as have my presentation and communication skills. The interpersonal skills I gained at university have also been really useful when it comes to networking.’

Do you have any careers advice for the students who graduated this year?

‘Stick at it. Sheer determination and not taking ‘no’ for an answer is the reason I have the job I wanted. Getting disheartened does not help and will only hinder you in the future.’
Graduate Career Story from HECSU


Horse Racing

The UK horseracing industry employs over 100,000 people across 60 racecourses, 750 training stables, stud farms, bloodstock agents and bookmakers


The Racecourse Association lists UK racecourses.

These may hold as few as 13 race days per year so they are multi-functional venues and many job roles reflect this e.g. events and conference management, marketing, accounting and finance.

Racing Colleges

Bloodstock agents, auctions and sales

Bloodlines research

Stud farms, training and breeding

Vacancy sources



Other job areas include:

animal nutrition research and advice; animal health and welfare; animal breeding and genetics; game keeper; animal nutritionist; agricultural consultant and animal welfare inspector.

Destinations of some Canterbury College BSc and HND Animal Science graduates

  • Staff Nurse (Vet) - The Blue Cross
  • Veterinary Surgery - Veterinary Assistant
  • The Blue Cross - Staff Nurse (Veterinary)
  • Veterinary Nursing Assistant - Margetts & Associates
  • Wingham Wildlife Park - Keeper
  • Cheetah Rehab. Centre - Keeper
  • Dog's Trust - Animal Helper
  • Pfizer - Technical Associate
  • Pfizer - Research Scientist
  • Pet Advisor
  • Thanet College - FE Lecturer
  • Canterbury College - FE Lecturer
  • Canterbury College - Trainer/Demonstrator
  • Small Mammal Technician - Berkshire Agricultural College
  • Manager - Farmer's Market
  • Volunteer Warden - Gazen Salts Nature Reserve
  • Support Administrator - Age UK




A graduate called Joe had just finished his degree and was looking for a job. After some time without success he finally landed a job as an assistant at the local zoo.

One day the bear at the zoo died. The zoo was facing a financial crisis and could not afford to buy another bear, so they asked Joe to dress up in a bear costume and pretend that he was a bear.

Well the money they offered was a small increase and so he took the job. He was put into a cage and in time became very good at imitating a bear, but he had one worry: the bars between his cage and the next were loose and in the next cage was a very ferocious looking lion.

One day his worst fears were realized and a bar broke. The lion jumped through the gap and raced up to Joe.

Extending his paw, the lion said, "Hi, I'm Phil, a drama graduate from Brum!"


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