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Employers will consider problem solving, thinking logically and high level quantitative and numerical skills as obvious acquisitions on a maths degree. There may be specific knowledge attached to the particular degree such as statistical methods, applied mathematics and actuarial technical skills. See our skills section at

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(includes financial maths and maths + accounting/stats/computing. UK/EU students only).
These statistics only cover the first six months after graduation. The latest destinations for all subjects (1999-last year) including postgraduates can be found at

Destinations of recent Kent Mathematics graduates, including business, financial maths and statistics.

mathematics careers

Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers Mathematics careers


  • PhD: PhD Applied Maths Kent (5)
  • MSc: MSc Statistics - Kent (23), MSc Maths & Applications - Kent (9), Finance Investment and Risk - Kent, Mathematics - Kent (3), MSc Financial Services in Banking - Kent, Reading, Southampton. Bath, MSc Maths in Living Env't - York, MSc Theoretical physics - Cambridge, MSc Management Science & OR - Kent (8), Warwick (3), MSc Computer Science - Kent, UCL, MSc Computational Mathematics - Oxford, Loughborough, Royal Holloway. MSc Mathematical Modelling - UCL. MRes Mathematics - York, MSc Numerical Analysis - Heriot Watt. MA Maths Cryptology & Communications - Royal Holloway, MSc Mobile Application Design - Kent, MSc Risk Management - Sussex, MSc Investment & Finance - QMC, MSc Electrical Power Engineering - Greenwich.
  • Postgrad. Diploma: Actuarial Science - Kent (2), Management Science - Kent (2), Mathematics - Cambridge, Theatre Arts - RADA, Computer Programming
  • Teacher Training: PGCE Secondary Maths - Christ Church (21), Brunel, Brighton, Plymouth, Manchester Metropolitan, Kingston (2)
    • Actuarial trainee - Prudential, MGM Assurance, Bacon & Woodrow,
    • Actuarial Technician - Highham Nobbs
  • Trainee Pensions Administrator: Capita Hartshead (Whitstable)
  • INSURANCE Underwriter: Pinnacle Insurance, XL Insurance, Insurance Broker - Lark Insurance Brokers/CII , Insurance Sales Administrator - NFU Mutual, Risk Analyst/Manager - Canada Life/Tudor Holdings, Modelling Technician - Chaucer Syndicates
  • Graduate Finance Trainee - Gallions Housing Association
  • Finance/Admin Assistant - Woolwich Bank, Capita, Essex County Council, Towry Law Financial, HM Customs and Excise, Edexcel, Financial Spreads, Financial Ass't (ACCA) - Canterbury Oast Trust
    • Trainee Chartered Accountant: PWC, Spain Brothers, Baker Tilly, Reeves (Canterbury), Buzzacott, Grant Thornton, Newmann, KPMG (2), Price & Co., Bizzard, Lakin Clark, Carley Partnership, Feltons, Larking, Howarth Clark Whitehill, Saga Holidays, Finnegan
    • Trainee Certified Accountant: Wilding, Hudson & Co.
    • NHS Financial Management Trainee (CIPFA)
    • Finance Administrator- Luton Community Housing
    • Accounts Assistant/Techniciant: JAD Associates, International Air Charter, Chavereys, Saga Holidays, Thanet District Council, Toys R Us, Vantis, Hanson UK
    • Trainee Tax Professional/Inspector - HMRC
    • Graduate Tax Assistant- Cox Jerome, BDO Stoy Hayward
  • Share Trader: Stocks and Shares, Trader Support - Merrill Lynch, Trading Trainee Trader - Schneider, Equities Trader - OSTC
  • Investment Operations - Coutts & Co.
  • Financial Products Designer- Friends Provident
  • Accounts Manager- Lehman Bros
  • Performance Admin - Schroder Investment Mgt
  • Settlements Analyst - Cinergy Global Trading
  • Media Analyst - Qube
  • Data Analyst- ECA
  • Statistical Officer - Civil Service (3) , States of Jersey, Statistical Analyst - Aviva
  • SCIENTIFIC MATHEMATICS Scientific Officer - Qinetiq (2),Research Project Ass't - Pfizer, Defence Consultant - Techmodal, Graduate Risk & Modelling - AWE
  • Trainee Quantity Surveyor- Costain Ltd (+ MSc Surveying - College of Estate Management), Mansell
  • Transport Planner - TFL (+Birkbeck - MSc in Geographic Information Science)
  • Graduate Engineer, transport planning - Aecom
  • Aeronautical Analyst - Navtech
  • Management Trainee - Capita, Debenhams
  • Administrator- University of East Anglia
  • TEACHING: Teacher (GTP) - Hartsdown Technology College (3), Canterbury High School (2), Dane Court School, Angley School, Weald of Kent Grammar, St Cleres School, Medway Council, Rainham School (2), Harlems School, Judd School, Faculty Learning Mentor - Barton Court Grammar School, Minster College, Learning Support Assistant.
    Software Engineer/Developer - Factset, Fujitsu Services, Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems,
    Web Developer - PageSuite Ltd, Profound Systems,
    Systems Analyst -
    Strategic Thought Group plc
    Systems Administrator - Inspired Learning
    - Insurasoft, PPP Healthcare,
    IT Consultant - Logica, Bull Information Systems, Technology Solutions Consultant - Mercury 1
    Technical Support- Clearwater Assocs, IT Projects Assistant - UK Socrates Council
  • Human Resources Officer - Surrey County Council, Personnel Ass't - Sainsbury's
  • Army Officer - Sandhurst
  • Accounts/Finance/Payroll Ass't/Cashier Canterbury Hospital, M.J.McCabe, Zurich Financial, Islington Council.
  • Purchase Ledger Controller - Fitness First, School
  • OTHER EMPLOYMENT: Commercial Trainee - Freight Forwarding, Deep Sea Diver - Rockwater Diving, Bookmaker - William Hill, Car Salesman - Great Trade Centre, Security Guard - SabreWatch, Allocator - House of Fraser, Customer Services - Carphone Warehouse/Nat West/Eastern Energy, Sales Assistant - M&S, Temenos

Destinations of Kent MSc Statistics graduates

  • Zurich - Actuarial Analyst
  • City Index - Insight Analyst
  • Smartodds - Quantitative Analyst
  • Krohne Ltd. - Statistician
  • ICNARC - Stats. Ass't
  • McBrides llp - Tr. Chartered Accountant (ACA)
  • Bilect (Finance Stats.) - Consultant Statistician
  • Office for National Statistics - Assistant Statistician
  • Government Statistics Service - Assistant Statistician
  • Department of Medical Statistics (Bristol University) - Statistician
  • GlaxoSmithKlein - Statistician
  • Pfizer - Statistician (2)
  • Brunei - Government Statistician
  • Quanticate - Statistical Programmer
  • Orbiton Estate - Data Analyst
  • Structural Engineer - Sinclair Knight Merz
  • National Audit Office - Ass't Auditor ACA
  • e-Qualitas/Rainham School - Graduate Teacher/GTP Maths
  • EDEXCEL - Specialist Marker
  • B & Q - Trainee Manager
  • Phones 4 U - Sales Executive
  • Marks & Spencer - Sales Ass't
  • Kent & Medway Towns - Part Time Firefighter
  • University of Kent - PhD Statistics (6)
  • Kings College London - PhD Statistical Genetics
  • University of Kent - PhD Applied Mathematics
  • London Sch. of Econ. - PhD Stats.



Maths Careers

Maths graduates have fared well in the graduate labour market in the last few years. Both numerical and non-numerical jobs are open to them, so the choice of careers is wide.

The tables show that many Kent graduates have decided to 'use' the numerical side of their studies, either in financial jobs, engineering or statistical areas. A small number have chosen to continue their studies, while the trend amongst Actuarial students has been to aim for the financial sector. The computing industry also attracts some maths graduates, especially if they have a personal interest in computers and programming.


About 20% of maths graduates from the University of Kent have opted to do postgraduate study for a PhD or Masters degree in recent years. This is partly because grants are more easily available in the Sciences for postgraduate study than in the Arts or Social Sciences. It should be remembered though that postgraduate study is not an easy option and research for a PhD will require dedication and determination to see things through over a period of 3 or more years. See our section on Postgraduate Study


A Postgraduate Certificate of Education Course (PGCE) lasts one year. It's not that difficult to obtain a place on a maths PGCE provided that you can show some evidence of interest in teaching such as voluntary work at a school. Remember that you can also teach maths in Colleges of Further Education, private schools and the Armed Forces. There is a shortage of science teachers, who are eligible for an enhanced bursary during training.  See



PROFILE: Statistician

Analyses and interprets data. Collects information, analyses it using statistical methods and computer programs such as SPSS. Interprets data for clients and users. Writes reports.
EMPLOYERS: The largest employer is the Government Statistical Service GSS which employs 700 staff in more than 30 departments.
Medical Statistics is also another large area with some major hospitals having statistical units.
Biometrists work as statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry, as researchers in medical schools and hospitals and in agricultural institutes.
Epidemiologists reduce public health risks by studying the pattern of disease or health risks in populations.
SATISFACTIONS: intellectual stimulation of work.
NEGATIVES: spend most of time in the office.
DEGREE: Normally mathematics, statistics, economics or other statistics-related degrees. Graduates in other subjects can do an MSc in statistics.

Statistician Fast Stream

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) has a lot of posts for Statistician Fast Streamers.  Posts are available in central London and a variety of other locations across the UK.

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See this and other spurious statistical links at

What is the GSS?
The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is a decentralised professional community spread across most UK government departments and devolved administrations. Headed by the National Statistician, the GSS produces National Statistics and other official statistics, analysis, interpretation and provides statistical advice to improve understanding and help decision-making at the very highest levels.

What impact does the GSS have?
Population, the economy, the environment, the labour market, crime, education and health are just some of the many topics covered by our Fast Stream Statisticians.  The statistics we produce are reported daily throughout the media and provide the evidence needed to make informed decisions across a wide range of political, social and economic issues.

Candidates must be highly numerate with exceptional team-working, problem solving and organisational skills, with the ability to become future leaders of the Civil Service.  Candidates who have (or are expecting) a minimum of a 2:1 degree in a subject containing formal statistical training (eg Statistics, Maths, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Sciences, Geography) are invited to apply.

Statistician Fast Streamers take part in a structured learning and development process and will be stretched and supported in a variety of posts, often across different government departments to help them develop the core and statistical skills to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Further details:

Destinations of Kent Statistics Postgraduates are at

I keep saying the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians. People think I'm joking, but who would've guessed that computer engineers would've been the sexy job of the 1990s?

Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist 2009

Statistics are like a drunk with a lampost: used more for support than illumination.

Winston Churchill

Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

Aaron Levenstein

In ancient times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies.

Stephen Leacock


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Many mathematicians are recruited into the defence industry and other science and engineering companies to do a variety of work including mathematical modeling and designing algorithms. The work is often research orientated and can be intellectually stimulating and less business-orientated focus than some other areas.


has become a popular area for maths graduates in recent years, partly due to the availability of postgraduate conversion courses, such as the one year MSc in Computing at Kent. Employers here include:

See and our pages on Forensic computing and computer security and Bioinformatics


has become another popular option. Finance employers in areas such as banking and insurance are attracted to maths graduates because of their numeracy. There are many traineeships available for new graduates in chartered accountancy, and banking, sometimes working as financial analysts. See our banking insurance and actuarial links at and accountancy links at


see our actuarial careers page


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  • 2 + 2 = 5 (for extremely large values of 2)
  • Logic is the systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

Quants apply mathematical and computing methods of analysis to financial problems (quant is an abbreviation of quantative). They develop algorithms to predict what the financial markets will do but also work in statistical arbitrage, and electronic market making. They work for hedge funds and banks and work as hedge fund managers, derivatives traders and risk managers. Many entrants have PhDs in mathematics, physics or computing and the work is very highly paid.


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