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Academic promotions 2017

Every year the University recognises the success of individual members of staff and this year was no exception with 77 academic staff celebrating promotion to professor, reader, senior lecturer or senior research fellow.

The University is dependent upon the personal growth and career attainment of its academic staff to refresh, develop and strengthen the organisation.

~ Alison Ross-Green, Director of HR and Organisational Development

Our successes in league tables and surveys are in no small part a reflection of the number of individuals whose hard work has been reflected in our promotion figures.

The success of Athena Swan, support given to career advice, and the dedication of our female academics in particular is reflected in high levels of women now coming through our career structures. Since 2013 we have increased our percentage of female professors from 21% to 30%. This is leading to a more balanced workforce overall and an organisational environment that will be increasingly creative and multi-perspective. Taken collectively and individually, these results give us a great deal to celebrate.

The University has a number of ways to recognise the outstanding performance and contribution of its staff whether it is through promotion, additional increments, one-off payments or team awards. We also have RPD (Reflect, Plan, Develop) whereby every individual can have regular conversations with their managers and colleagues about their contribution to shared goals and their individual career development.

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Last Updated: 01/11/2017