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Oct 11
10:00 - 13:00
An Introduction to Spiritual Meditation
Short courses

Workshop:  11 October

Friday: 10.00 – 13.00

Course code: 19TON406

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The workshop will begin with a presentation of basic principles and aims of meditation, highlighting key attributes of this fundamental human activity. We will discuss the objectives, principles and strengths of the three meditative techniques of Mindfulness, Focus and Taoist, followed by a representative practise of them. 

Outlines of the historic, religious and philosophic background of each approach will provide students with context to consider the contemporary interest in meditative practices and relevance of meditation to their own situation. 

To conclude, students will consider experiences, and may seek advice on continued practise and further developments in the field.

Additional information

Students should wear shoes with flexible soles and comfortable clothes to keep warm while sitting meditating and to allow mobility in light preparatory, mindful movement.

The course is suited to a range of people from those exploring meditation for the first time through those interested in reviewing core principles, alternative approaches and spiritual cultivation.

Intended learning outcomes

· to understand the potential of meditation as a spiritual endeavour. 

· to illustrate some of the roots and purposes of meditative practise.

· to identify basic principles of meditation and how they are applied.

· to learn contemplative skills of mindfulness, focus, and personal transformation. 

· to gain insight of 3 meditative approaches to adapt to personal needs/preferences.

About the tutor

Paul Holden has held a lifelong interest in approaches to mind and body cultivation and has explored Far-Eastern approaches for over 35 years. His passion and deep study of Chinese exercise regimes, internal martial arts and culture over the last 20 years has inspired him to teach others. He has openly shared his deep study in Tai Chi and Qigong with students over the last 10 years and is a respected senior instructor and disciple in the Lam Association community. Paul continues to study Chinese Medicine and Taoist Philosophy to deepen his understanding of the practises he teaches.


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