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Jun 20
10:00 - 14:00
Brussels workshop: Cosmopolitanism in an age of global challenges

Some have claimed that a citizen of the world is a citizen from nowhere. Apart from other problems with this claim, humanity faces a number of challenges today that do not stop at any one's nation borders. These include the rise of artificial intelligence, global economic crises, and, as the most terrible threat of all, climate change. To develop appropriate responses, we need new political concepts, which go beyond the nation-centric ones still (or again) in fashion, concepts that help us understand these threats from a wider and deeper point of view. Kant's cosmopolitan idea of a 'citizenship of the earth' is such a concept, based on what he viewed as our common human morality. Similar cosmopolitan views have been developed by other thinkers as well, e.g. by Hannah Arendt and Hans Kelsen. To explore their and related ideas, this workshop aims to bring together philosophers, policy makers and any concerned citizens (be they from nowhere or from somewhere), to discuss novel ways of responding to globalised challenges.

Roundtable participants:

Sorin Baiasu (Philosopher, Keele University) Jan de Ceuster (Sociologist and political activist, Open VLD, Brussels) Eleanor Curran (Legal philosopher, University of Kent) Nicole Dewandre (Advisor in the European Commission and philosopher) Namita Kambli (Research manager, The Democratic Society, Brussels) Edward Kanterian (Philosopher, University of Kent)

10.00-11.45 First session: Cosmopolitanism - defining the concept

11.45-12.15 Coffee break

12.15-14.00 Second session: Cosmopolitanism - practical applications

14.00-15.00 Lunch reception (please RSVP)

The topics to be discussed include:

Thomas Hobbes as a Prime Opponent of Cosmopolitanism - an Alternative Reading (Eleanor Curran) Kant's Cosmopolitanism: The Classical View (Sorin Baiasu) National Solipsism or Legal Cosmopolitanism? (Edward Kanterian) Plurality as a Feature of the Human Condition and of States: Hannah Arendt's Cosmopolitanism (Nicole Dewandre) The European Union - a Foundation for Cosmopolitanism (Jan de Ceuster) Common Ground: Reimagining our Shared Humanity through Public Space (Namita Kambli)

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