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Jun 30 - Jul 14
09:00 - 17:00
Global Business in a Dynamic Environment
Canterbury Summer School

Dates: Sunday 30 June - Sunday 14 July 2019

Location: University of Kent, Canterbury

Credit Transfer Option:  Equivalent to 10 Credits (ECTS 5) for transfer purposes.

Price: £1,650 for two weeks. Includes tuition, accommodation, teaching materials, welcome meal, organised trips and full library access.

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There is unprecedented change in international business. Very close linkages emerge between domestic and international activities, and between all economies around the globe. We know that when domestic economic activities are down, international business is down as well - only much more so.  As local economies grow, so does international business.

Although there is an underlying universality to the basic principles of business administration, it is when applying these principles that people in international business encounter unique problems. Theory will be emphasised for a normative understanding; practical aspects are focused on to show the relation of theory to practice or "real life". We will teach each other and learn from each other by the use of analogies, parables, and examples - which will help us understand and remember.

This course will draw upon high level meetings such as the Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business and students will take part in a project to influence stakeholders in International business issues. Tailored seminars and case study exploration will enable students to produce and publish a finished documentation for social media, YouTube films or traditional commentary pieces addressing core issues of concern.

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