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Feb 14
10:00 - 11:00
Using Visualization to Explain Research Ideas
Diversity and Distruption: An Intersectional Valentine
Professor Amanda Perry-Kessaris (University of Kent)

Run by Amanda Perry-Kessaris (University of Kent), this workshop will invite participants to explore 3D model-making as a way of communicating, to themselves and to others, about their research ideas.Amanda Perry-Kessaris is Professor of Law at Kent Law School where she convenes the Research Methods in Law, the core module for postgraduate researchers. She specialises in empirically-grounded, theoretically informed investigations into the economic life of law; and is currently exploring the application of design-based methods—especially experimentation, prototyping and making things visible and tangible—in legal research processes.

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This event is part of Diversity and Disruption: An Intersectional Valentine.

Opening dialogues around the challenges diversity offers to theories and practices in visual and online cultures, our intersectional Valentine combines short interdisciplinary and interactive workshops to provoke questions on the diversity of images, diversity in themes and the making of visual and online cultures. Taking place on the 14th of February, we position Diversity and Disruption as an alternative love event, which additionally considers connectivity, digital intimacy, intersectionality and representation in the post-digital age.

Diversity and Disruption is organised by Professor Aylish Wood and Dr Kaitlyn Regehr, and is a joint event between the School of Arts' Film, Media and Culture research cluster and the Identity, Politics and the Arts research cluster.


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