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For Baha'is the twelve-day period between April 21st and May 2nd marks the holiest and happiest festival of the year, called Ridvan. These Baha'i Holy Days, which celebrate the beginning of the Baha'i Faith in 1863 as its Founder Baha'u'llah prepared for exile, also recognize a period of great turmoil in Baha'i history and signify the transformation of suffering and oppression into joy.

Three of the twelve days of Ridvan – the first, ninth and final day, which fall respectively on April 21st, April 29th and May 2nd – have special significance. Baha'is observe and celebrate those holidays by abstaining from work and taking part in gatherings, observances, parties and picnics. These joyous occasions, often characterized by reflection, prayer and reading from the Baha'i writings, remind Baha'is that devotion to a noble cause dedicated to the service of humanity can bring great and lasting happiness.


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