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Oct 24
17:00 - 19:00
The Neurobiology of Beauty

The Aesthetics Research Centre invites you to a research seminar with Professor Semir Zeki (University College London) The Neurobiology of Beauty

In his book Art (1914), the English art critic Clive Bell asked what is common to all that arouses the aesthetic emotion? Neither he nor his successors provided an answer, but the question was inspiring enough to be addressed neurobiologically. The answer is that the experience of beauty, regardless of its source (i.e. whether visual, musical, moral or mathematical) correlates with activity in the same part of the emotional brain, field A1 of the medial orbito-frontal cortex (A1mOFC) and that the intensity of activity there is proportional to the declared intensity of the experience of beauty. This gives a neurobiological answer to Bell question and answers positively, as well, a long-standing question in philosophies of aesthetics, namely whether aesthetic judgment can ever be quantified. It also raises important points about the uses of beauty, and about the stirling contribution that philosophy has made to experimental studies of aesthetics.

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Grimond Building,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


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Contact: Angela Whiffen
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