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Nov 20
15:00 - 16:30
Symposium on Models
Centre for Reasoning Seminars

In order to better understand some phenomenon, a scientist will sometimes build a model of the phenomenon. For example, to better understand some biomedical phenomenon, a scientist might try to build a model of the mechanism responsible for the phenomenon. Some philosophers also build models. For example, some epistemologists have appealed to formal models in an attempt to understand the nature of rational degrees of belief. How is this model-building activity supposed to aid understanding, given that the models are often highly idealized? And is this model-building activity even legitimate in philosophy? In this symposium, a group of philosophers will try to answer these questions by discussing the role of models in science and philosophy.

Speakers:Jason Konek (Bristol), Camillia Kong (Oxford), Veli-Pekka Parkkinen (Bergen)


Seminar Room 3,
Sibson Building,

United Kingdom


Open to all,

Contact: Michael Wilde


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