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Nov 26
12:00 - 14:00
Arts and Prosocial behaviour Research Group meeting

The Arts and Prosocial behaviour Research Group (APRG) is an initiative of the Centre for the Study of Group Processes, and was launched in collaboration with People United, an organisation that aims to spread kindness via arts participation. The APRG is a branch of Grouplab, and part of the School of Psychology at the University of Kent.

The research group aims to provide a platform to explore the role of the arts in influencing attitudes and actions, to foster collaborations, and to discuss how evidencing the impact of the arts on prosocial behaviour can be used to influence policy and practice across disciplines. Hosted and led by Professor Dominic Abrams from the Centre for the Study of Group Processes, the group draws on expertise from across the academic and voluntary sectors.

Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month. During the first hour, keynote presentations are given by invited speakers, followed by a Q&A session. The second hour is reserved for wider discussion of relevant APRG topics.

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If you are interested in attending an APRG meeting, contributing to discussion, and/or discussing your work/interest in the arts and/or prosociality please email us at


Meeting room,
Giles Lane,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Open to everyone interested in the area of arts and prosocial behaviour. ,

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