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May 2
11:00 - 15:00
Creative Language Development - A Unique Way to Learn English

The Creative Language Development (CLD) workshops are designed to help non-native speakers engage with English in unusual and creative ways. All workshops are offered in a friendly, enjoyable and engaging manner.

CLD students take part in a variety of creative exercises, including listening to music and analysing lyrics, team quizzes, play reading and outdoor activities. The latter in particular is something that many students have responded to enthusiastically.

Each workshop provides opportunities for students to speak, practise pronunciation skills and learn new vocabulary. Participants are encouraged to make links with students from different cultures. CLD provides a mutually supportive and stimulating learning environment, helping students to deal with some of the challenges which can arise when studying in a foreign language.

A shared lunch gives students a chance to network informally, develop friendships and share their experiences of living and studying in the U.K..

The workshops require no preparation and involve no additional study commitments.

Any student interested in taking part in a Creative Language Development event can book online using SLAS Connect. Further information is available on Moodle (DP1350).

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Open to Any student who does not have English as their first language.,

Contact: Steve Cope
T: 01277 824597


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