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Jun 28
10:00 - 13:00
Britain's Roman Past
Postgraduate Heritage Walk Series

A walk from Sandwich to Richborough Roman Fort with Philip Smither, PhD student from the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies.

Richborough is a key site in the history of Roman Britain. It was part of the Roman invasion in AD43, supplied the invading army in the 1st century, turned into a thriving port town as the access point to Britain, and eventually was one of the shore forts constructed in the 3rd century and quite likely the point from which the Roman army left Britannia. The landscape is much changed but it is possible to see evidence of why it was situated on the east coast of Kent, and its remains can be seen throughout the town of Sandwich which utilised the ruins for its buildings. The walk will take in the Medieval cinque port of Sandwich and with a tour of Richborough

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