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Mar 9
11:00 - 12:00
Security: Deception Detection on the Fringe of Awareness
School of Computing - Security Group Seminar
Speaker: Prof Howard Bowman (internal talk)


The brain searches the environment for salient stimuli. We argue that this process is, at least in part, subliminal, with stimuli that are salient breaking into awareness. We investigate this breakthrough process with Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP), in which stimuli are presented rapidly (perhaps 12 per second) at the same spatial location. The Fringe-P3 method combines RSVP with EEG to provide a concealed knowledge test [Bowman et al; 2013]. Such tests seek to show a familiarity response to information of which a suspect is denying knowledge. Many have argued that amongst the different deception detection approaches the concealed knowledge test has the most scientific support. We have demonstrated that the Fringe-P3 concealed knowledge test has high sensitivity and specificity [Bowman et al; 2013]. Importantly, we have also shown that the Fringe-P3 method is resistant to the standard counter-measures that have confounded other deception detectors [Bowman et al; 2014]. This is due to the rapid mode of presentation, which renders participants unable to identify the control/ irrelevant stimulus. We have also now shown that the method can work with a range of different stimulus types: own-name, own email address, famous names, famous faces, familiar faces, familiar places.

Bowman, H., Filetti, M., Janssen, D., Su, L., Alsufyani, A., & Wyble, B. (2013). Subliminal salience search illustrated: EEG identity and deception detection on the fringe of awareness. PLoS One, 8(1).

Bowman, H., Filetti, M., Alsufyani, A., Janssen, D., & Su, L. (2014). Countering countermeasures: detecting identity lies by detecting conscious breakthrough. PloS one, 9(3).


Cornwallis South West,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


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