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Mar 27
14:00 - 15:00
Mathematical Physics & Integrable Systems seminar: Nitin Serwa (University of Kent)
SMSAS Mathematical Physics seminars
Master symmetry for new systems


The study of coherent structures and patterns arising in nonlinear systems is important for the understanding of many phenomena in nature. Therefore a fundamental question arises to determine whether a given system is integrable. One of the criteria used to tackle this problem is through the existence of infinitely many commuting symmetries. Master symmetry is a tool which guarantees the existence of infinitely many symmetries and thus help in determining proof of integrability; moreover, it also can be used for classification of systems. Using the O scheme developed by Prof. J. P. Wang (2015), I would present master symmetries for new two-component (1+1 dimensional) third order Burger type systems  (Talati and Turhan, 2016) and a (2+1)- dimensional system (Davey-Stewartson-type).


Sibson Building (SibSR2)
United Kingdom


Open to All interested persons,

Contact: Dr Pavlos Xenitidis
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science


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